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Penis Size

I used to feel as a man before I realized I am a woman inside, so I know how it feels for a man to have a small penis. The competition among men of who has the biggest one. I never showered with other guys in school or work just because my penis has always been small. So frustrating at that time!

Nowadays is the opposite. I wish my penis became smaller and smaller, until it completely disappear. But that’s because I am a woman inside and my penis is the wrong part for me.

Now, since I have a male body obviously I don’t have a vagina, so I don’t know the “requirements” of a typical vagina when it comes to size so to feel pleasure. I cannot tell you size doesn’t matter since I simply don’t have female genitals. But I do have my preference based on the other two possibilities!

Not that I am experienced, but I did have a couple of “deep encounters from behind”, LOL (sounds like a porn movie) (I’ll consider that for a book). Anyway, in my very few encounters from behind I’ve realized I prefer a penis in the small and short side. And the same with oral play.

In that area I do have a little more experience, although not a lot. And I must admit, I like it! LOL. A small and short penis is more desirable for me than a big one.

To me, a big penis can be attractive to watch but not to play with it, unlike a small one, which I like to admire AND play with it! LOL

But again, I’m not saying big penis are useless, because I don’t know the “requirements” of a vagina since I don’t have one. Maybe if I had one my preferences will change, but for now I simply love the small ones, and every time I see a naked man with a small penis I just melt! LOL