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Free Hugs!

I’ve seen it on TV or magazines sometimes. A man or a woman standing in a busy street holding a hand written sign saying “Free Hugs”. Usually (they say) it is about how in our society we forget, and even reject, something so human and so necessary as a honest and caring hug, and so they are trying to bring a reminder to people by offering free hugs to anyone who might want it or badly need it.

How many times we have found ourselves in a situation of needing a hug? I know I had…many times!

So decided to “pretend” to do the same, but in this case for “digital” hugs. Now please don’t get me wrong, I know a digital hug is like nothing…only the real thing works. But by being a Transsexual Woman it is very difficult to stand in a street offering free hugs without risking an attack. So the safest way, especially in the way I would like to be standing there offering hugs…completely naked since I am also a Nudist, is to do it digitally.

That’s why I took these pictures and uploaded them here today. To offer a caring free hug from a nudist transsexual woman for all of you that might need it or want it.

But I wonder, if I could be safely standing naked in a busy street offering free hugs, by being a transsexual woman, how many men and/or women would decided to take that hug? I know if I was a CIS woman (born female) many guys would go for the hug, assuming I would be a young and attractive woman. And at the other hand, how many men and/or women would decide to take that hug if I was a young and attractive man?

I know a born female young and attractive woman would have many hugs from men of all ages, but I’m not so sure about the results for a born male man, even if he was young and attractive. So I assume for an old trans woman like me, who is not exactly the most attractive, probably nobody would dare to take that hug, LOL. Still, it would be an interesting social experiment, don’t you think?

Free Hugs for you!



The Cable Guy

It is so upsetting when you want to watch something on TV and the stupid thing doesn’t give you an image. I just wanted to check on the weather report so to know if the temperatures would be nice to go out and enjoy nudity in some public places, yet no signal at all.

So I called my cable company and they told me the technician was in the area, so he should be by my place in just under one hour.

After waiting for more than three hours the bell ringed at my door and, with a quick glance through the window, I realized the cable guy was here, so I rushed to open the door and let him in.

I didn’t realize at that moment that I was naked -as I normally am when at home- so opened the door with a smile in my face and say “Hi” to the cable guy.

He looked at me with surprise and I could tell he was shocked and didn’t know what to say or do next. I suppose his typical salute to a customer must have flown to the darkest corner of his mind.

His surprised eyes allowed me to realize the situation and -after a lightning thinking- I decided to keep things that way and see what happened next.

“I…I…I come to see the cable”

“Yes, I was waiting for you…come on in please. I don’t know what happened but I don’t have a signal in my TV set”

“But you…I mean…you know…”

“Oh yes…I’m naturist, so I’m always nude…don’t worry about that, here, let me show you where the TV set is”

I decided not to give him the courtesy of choosing if he preferred for me to be with clothing, as it suppose to be done when a naturist person is in the same room with someone who is not and feels uncomfortable. I wanted to see what happened next (I know…I’m bad! LOL).

So this cable guy, a man in his fifties with a notorious overweight problem, stepped inside my place and, while carrying a basic set of tools, proceeded to follow me to the living room where the TV set was waiting.

It was clear the guy wasn’t gay or bi, but a straight folk that was doing his job and found himself in a complicated situation; still, I decided to have some fun and just walked in front of him making sure my butt was higher than normal and my buns were moving up and down as a woman knows how to do.

When we reached the TV set I turned around and face him and I saw this poor guy was sweating like a pig, and that wasn’t for the temperature since I keep it at 70 degrees inside.

He quickly went to check on the TV and found it was just a disconnection from the wall, so fixed it in a flash and the image returned to the screen. He then quickly put his tools back in place and stood to leave.

“Thank you so much! I didn’t know it was such a small thing or I would have fixed it myself, do you want a soda?”

“No thanks, I have to go now…you know…many calls today”

“So how much do I owe you for your services?”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing, it’s all covered in your contract”

“Well, thank you so much again!”

He started to walk in the direction of the door and didn’t wait for me to open it; he just helped himself out and quickly boarded his van and drove away.

I waited by the door until the vehicle disappear around the corner and then got inside, closed the door and couldn’t help a burst of laughter…I can be such a bad girl sometimes!






I can fix a car…I can restore a car! But when it comes to work in computers and the internet I am almost useless! Meaning by that, I am not a techie person about all the new computer thing.

For the past two months I’ve been working on restarting this site. Since I abandoned it for two years (from July 2017) the very little I learned at that time about how to configure my site has become completely obsolete. So when getting into this again I discovered I had like 25 updates pending! One of those was to update the WordPress platform, but to do that first I had to update the PHP thing from the Host. So after spending lots of time reading tutorials in the internet and becoming dizzy every time, finally I have something.

So far I’ve updated the PHP thing, so I could update the WordPress platform, the Theme, a bunch of pluggins, and I don’t know what else. Not that I knew what I was doing, but rather one of the million clicks I did with the mouse finally worked in the direction I wanted to go, LOL.

Also I needed to add a SSL Certificate to change this site from HTTP to HTTPS. Well, that is also done, so this is a safer site to visit. Now it is about finding out why many things don’t work and why others do what they want to do and not what I want them to do, so there’s still a lot of work to go through.

The reason for so many complications (other than I have no clue what I’m doing) is that I want to make this site more interactive than it used to be. For instance the Comments section after every post, a good Contact Form, and even a Chat box for live chat with visitors when I’m online. It should work great…once it starts to work! LOL. As you can see I already installed a Tab on top for Chat…but now I need to figure out how to make it work.

So every day you will see that something is changed, something works now, and other things stopped working compared with yesterday!! Then you’ll know there is a mouse tinkering with the wiring of the website (me). So please be patient, and if you have any suggestions I’m all ears!