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Light Bondage

As I mentioned before, I had a boyfriend a couple of years ago. We had sex together and sometimes we liked to spice things up with a little play.

One of those times was a winter day when we went to the mountains to spend the day together, alone with each other, and naked in nature.

We were both naked inside of his mountain trailer when, after finding a big roll of plastic rope, I decided to tell him to tie me up and use me for his pleasure (which was also my pleasure! LOL). But before starting to play I set my camera in video recording and placed it over another table, aiming to where we would be playing. From the video I captured is were I took the pictures here.

It was funny that, since that rope had another use, it couldn’t be cut to short pieces for our play, so my ex had to do a lot of work to get the rope on me, continually sliding big portions between the threads, just to make a small tie. Good thing for him I was in agreement of being tied down, or with all the time it took I would had plenty of time to escape! LOL

Then came the problem with the knots. Since that rope was used for heavy work, it was fairly thick, so doing small knots was really difficult, which meant I wasn’t really “secured” by it. But it didn’t matter; I was bent over a table pretending to be immobilized by the rope, while waiting for my captor to abuse me! (Yummy!).

Although he didn’t abuse me, he did use me with my consent. It felt soooo good to have his cock rubbing my butt first, getting me so horny! To then rubbing my hole, like sweet kisses as a prelude for penetration.

But there was no penetration since he couldn’t hold it hard long enough. I guess it must have been very frustrating for him. But for me, at the other hand, it was a wonderful moment. I was naked, bent over that table and tied down; all in a very submissive situation, quietly remaining there for him to play with my body. I could feel his hands going up all over my back to then search for my breasts. Then softly squeezing them while rubbing his cock in my butt, mmmmm. And I did receive a couple of spanks too, LOL

Probably we didn’t play for more than 30 minutes, but it was great! Feeling his lips on my back and butt; his hands in my breasts, back, butt and legs, squeezing and sweetly touching, and his cock rubbing and pushing in my butt and ass. I was completely surrendered and given to him, while feeling the tingling in all my body that gave me so much pleasure!

After a while we stopped and I went up, while the rope that supposed to hold me tight simply fell to the floor as if it was just on top of my back, LOL. We both were laughing at that.

It was a wonderful time for me, but not so much for my ex. To me it was fine not being penetrated since what I enjoy the most is all the foreplay. Feeling his hands, lips and cock all over my naked body was very pleasant and arousing. But I understand for my ex the main reason for foreplay is to go to penetration, and that is something he wasn’t able to do, so in some way our play was incomplete for him, making him feel frustrated in that aspect.

It’s been a long time since that day and I’ve had enough time to think about the differences in how my ex and I approached sex, allowing me to better understand sexuality from a man’s and a woman’s perspective; but I’ll tell you what I’ve found in another post.

For now let me tell you it was a great time for both of us, even with the frustrating part for my ex. Playing that light way of bondage was something I had never tried before, and I did enjoy it, to the point of dreaming about that sometimes, LOL. I’m just sorry he didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.