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Free Hugs!

I’ve seen it on TV or magazines sometimes. A man or a woman standing in a busy street holding a hand written sign saying “Free Hugs”. Usually (they say) it is about how in our society we forget, and even reject, something so human and so necessary as a honest and caring hug, and so they are trying to bring a reminder to people by offering free hugs to anyone who might want it or badly need it.

How many times we have found ourselves in a situation of needing a hug? I know I had…many times!

So decided to “pretend” to do the same, but in this case for “digital” hugs. Now please don’t get me wrong, I know a digital hug is like nothing…only the real thing works. But by being a Transsexual Woman it is very difficult to stand in a street offering free hugs without risking an attack. So the safest way, especially in the way I would like to be standing there offering hugs…completely naked since I am also a Nudist, is to do it digitally.

That’s why I took these pictures and uploaded them here today. To offer a caring free hug from a nudist transsexual woman for all of you that might need it or want it.

But I wonder, if I could be safely standing naked in a busy street offering free hugs, by being a transsexual woman, how many men and/or women would decided to take that hug? I know if I was a CIS woman (born female) many guys would go for the hug, assuming I would be a young and attractive woman. And at the other hand, how many men and/or women would decide to take that hug if I was a young and attractive man?

I know a born female young and attractive woman would have many hugs from men of all ages, but I’m not so sure about the results for a born male man, even if he was young and attractive. So I assume for an old trans woman like me, who is not exactly the most attractive, probably nobody would dare to take that hug, LOL. Still, it would be an interesting social experiment, don’t you think?

Free Hugs for you!