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The Man Within

Just for fun!

I live as a man but I am a woman within. Or at least that’s how we Transsexual Women consider ourselves and by those with a more open mind.

Our genitals would be what…about 5 percent of the whole body? Yet we are classified by laws and general society mentality by our genitals and not by our inner feelings and thoughts, which is our personality…who we are.

From that point of view, and since society classify us by our genitals, shouldn’t I be more like a woman carrying a man within? 95 percent of the surface body is a woman and only 5 percent is a man.

So I decided to make some fun out of the problem and took this picture to try to reflect I am a woman carrying a man within and not the other way around, as society points out.

I must clarify; I am a woman, and the man I carry…he is just a dick! LOL (He doesn’t even get hard!)

I know, there is a lot that could be debated here, but as I said, this post and picture are just for fun!

Hey! We all need to laugh at our problems from time to time, don’t we?