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Best of Both Worlds?


I guess a clarification is in order, even though I know this will cost me people going away from me. It has happened in the past and I’m sure it will happen again.

The thing is, my penis doesn’t work anymore. For the past 5 years it doesn’t get hard and it hurts when handled. And it is the same with my testicles, they hurt when handled. Which means, I cannot function as a “man”. If I go to bed with a man (or even a woman) my genitals are out of the game.

Now, besides that I don’t have a vagina (which is something I wish I had), it is fine with me that my penis doesn’t work (since it is something I wish I didn’t have). I am not interested in penetrating a man, and also not interested in a man “sucking” my penis.

For the same reason, if my male parts don’t work, it is not about using a strap-on or a dildo since I am not a “sexually handicapped man”…I am a woman!

I am a woman with the wrong genitals, which makes me a Transsexual Woman, not a Shemale, but I’ll leave the explanation of the difference between a Transsexual Woman and a Shemale for another post.

This means any man who consider me for sex have to accept I am NOT “the best of both worlds”. In fact, I am more like “half of one world” at the most. By not having a vagina and having non-working male genitals it is like if I didn’t have genitals at all!

So being with me in bed is more like being with a woman who doesn’t have a vagina. The only way a man can penetrate me is through my anus and my mouth, beside of course playing with my breasts and touching my whole body.

That’s why I love to massage a man’s entire body with my hands and my lips, giving him sweet kisses all over. And when using my mouth I pay special attention in “making love” to a man’s penis rather than just “sucking”, so to somehow compensate for what I don’t have to give.



In the past, and after having sex encounters that went bad because of my non-working genitals and my no desires of using them anyway, I decided to clarify this situation in my dating profiles. Needles to say about 95 percent of the men writing me letters and wanting to meet simply dissolved in thin air! From receiving about 20 letters a day it went to about 2 a week!

But that’s fine. I’m glad I did clarify the situation then, and that’s why I am doing it again now. I prefer to be honest and loose people’s interest than miss-guide them into thinking I can be like a Shemale they may have seen in some porn movies.

The important thing here is that I wanted to clarify this situation since in the few days this site has been up I’ve already received many invitations for sex where the man wants me to be a man for him, completely disregarding that I am a woman, just with the wrong genitals.

As I said above, I know this will cost me people going away from me, but at least I have the peace of mind I was honest with them, and tried to clarify who I really am, don’t you think?