In general I always try to use nudity pictures in this site. The reason is because together with being a transsexual woman -a woman in a man’s body- I am also a nudist.

I’ve always felt uncomfortable wearing clothes, but very few times I did nudism in the past, mostly because of how I was raised, taking nudism as something dirty and totally sexual, so when I truly discovered nudism it was completely by chance.

In November 2005, when I was 45, I decided to start exploring my inner feelings and, by suspecting at that time that I could be Gay, I joined OutPersonals, which is a sex dating site for the Gay community. My goal was to hook up with other guys for Male to Male sex to see if that was what I was missing. After opening a profile there I needed some nudity pictures to show myself and see if that could attract other guys, so I took a couple of pictures naked while in my bedroom. The picture below is my very first nudity picture, and that I used for that dating site. You can see how hairy my body was at that time!

That picture had some response and guys asked for more, so I decided to take a set to show in my profile. The problem then was that it was too complicated to take the pictures at home considering that someone of the family was always there, so I decided to drive away to a solitary place outside the city and take some pictures of nudity in the outdoors.

What I did was place the camera in a tripod, take my clothes off and get completely naked, then set the camera on 10 seconds auto shot that gave me no more that 8 seconds to walk from behind the tripod to the front of the camera and pose, to then come back to the camera, put my clothes on and check the picture. Needles to say 99 percent of the times the pictures where useless, LOL. It was a lot of work taking my clothes off and on for each picture, so when realized nobody was around and I was completely alone, I decided to remain naked between shots. In that way I could check the pictures and have a little more time to walk in front of the camera.

While doing that I realized how pleasant was to feel the sun and the breeze in all my skin! Although at first it was somehow intimidating to be naked all the time while trying shots because of the fear of being seen and getting into trouble, after about 20 minutes at that it became so natural and comforting to be naked in the outdoors! I realized I enjoyed being naked even more than taking nudity pictures. That first time outdoors I decided to spend some time naked after taking pictures, and even trying a little walk around, just to feel my nudity in Nature. I was hooked!

Since then, 14 years now, I’ve been a nudist. It is not about sexuality or exhibitionism, I don’t feel aroused when naked in Nature, and definitely don’t want to be seen by fear of getting in trouble with the police, so I’ve always made sure nobody was around, well, except for a couple of times when somebody showed up out of nowhere, and a couple of times when on purpose wanted to be in the vicinity of other, unaware people. But that wasn’t for exhibitionism but rather more as a challenge to push my comfort zone and, if possible, obtain a picture that could be more interesting to post in my site, LOL

So quickly the trips to the countryside turned from picture trips to nudity trips, with the added benefit of obtaining some nudity pictures for my site.

But the problem of being caught and getting in trouble has always being there, making a nudist walk in the open a matter of fear for what might happen. So for this reason a couple of years ago, in April 2016, when I was clear I was a Transsexual woman and not a Gay man and had my body shaved and slightly adapted to a more female form, I decided to send an email to a nudist resort here in Colorado asking if they accepted transsexual women, and included the two pictures below in this post, of me naked for them to see what I was talking about. My intention was to find a place where nudism was allowed and encouraged, so I could walk the trails there completely naked and feel safe that, even if I encountered someone, they would not make a problem of my nudity since they too would be nudists. But I didn’t want to just go there and fight my way in; I considered to be polite from my part to ask first if they would allow me in.

Unfortunately the answer was negative, and the reason was that they are a family nudist resort and children would be there, and parents would not want their children to be exposed to see a trans woman, so they could not allow me in their facilities. I can understand in part the reasons given, but I still think it is a hidden type of discrimination anyway, but that is a long subject so I’ll leave it for another post.

There are other nudist resorts in Colorado, but they are too far away for me and would require to spend a night or two there, and by being married it is difficult to get away that long, so there was no point in even trying asking those other places.

The thing is, I couldn’t go there, so being that the only place in the immediate vicinity of Denver, my only alternative was to find solitary places in the mountains to enjoy nudism. At least I don’t have to pay the steep prices those nudist resorts charge! LOL

But there is another reason for which I so much like nudity in the outdoors, and especially in solitary places where nobody else could be seen. It has to do with the rejection from the nudist resort. When alone in Nature I can be nude and I can feel freely I am a woman, even if I have male genitals, and nobody is there to reject me or discriminate me, and Nature allows me to be there and allows me to enjoy the sun and the breeze and be part of all, without questioning why I feel as a woman or criticisms to my inner feelings as wrong or a symptom of a deviated mind, as it occur so often in human civilization. Civilization? LOL

So at this point, and for as long as I have male genitals, I completely lost interest in trying to be in nudist resorts. Unfortunately Denver is not a state where there are many public nudist places like seem to be in states like Florida or California, so no opportunity to try in a public nudist beach to see how other people would react to the presence of a Trans woman, and see if they would be accepting or rejecting.

Maybe in the future, if I am able to do Sex Change Surgery to have female genitals, or at least have my penis and testicles removed without creating a vagina, so to have a more female look down there, maybe then I would try to visit nudist resorts again, but this time presenting myself as a woman and not a Trans. But that’s something for the future…if ever happens. For now is those solitary places by the mountains and the joy of being part of Nature while being nude, admiring the wonderful views of the landscape, deer in the distance and birds in the sky, while allowing myself to freely be the woman I feel inside I am. Those moments are just wonderful, and it’s a wonderful thing to be a nudist!