Encounter at Fall

Going through pictures from several years ago I found these two. It was September 28, 2012 and temperatures were nice and there was still plenty of green around. I took a naked walk in one of the least used trails, so was able to spend a couple of minutes naked in the outdoors.

But only minutes, like four or five, because quickly, out of nowhere and without making any noise, a man in his sixties showed up walking the same trail and in the same direction, just about 100 yards (30 meters) behind me, out of the bend and into the straight portion of the trail you see in the picture.

When I saw this guy I quickly walked to one of the sides of the trail and waited behind some of the trees, standing without moving and looking away from the trail. This time I heard him walking on the trail while approaching the area where I was hiding behind the trees, just about 6 feet away (2 meters).

I can’t deny I was scared that the guy might get mad for me being naked in a public park and wanted to call the police (almost everyone is carrying a cell phone these days), but also I had the secret thought that maybe he would decide to play with me. None of the above; he just kept walking, passing by my side at just 6 feet distance where he knew I was standing naked. As you can see in the pictures, it was impossible to hide behind the trees, so he definitely saw me there, standing no more than 6 feet away, looking away from the trail.

Sighs of relief and sadness at the same time: Relief that it seemed no problems with the police, and sadness that he wasn’t interested in playing.

I waited for a couple of seconds until I estimated he would be about 30 feet (10 meters) away, and since he didn’t make any problems by seeing me naked there, I stepped back on the trail to be openly in plain view for him. I looked back at him when he was walking away and noticed that in two occasions he turned around to see me, but quickly turned his head back when realized I was looking at him.

After he disappeared of view I took these pictures and quickly went back to where I left my clothes, so to get dressed and leave the area, just in case!

Honestly, when I think back to that moment I imagine that maybe I should have stayed in the trail and just say “Hi” when he passed by my side, like if everything was completely normal, and see what his reaction would have been. Maybe not! I stayed away from him and he stayed away from me, and probably we both are thinking that we were spared of getting into trouble. LOL