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The One Difference

As you know, there are those two pictures comparison where we suppose to find the seven differences. In these two pictures there is only one difference.

It is such a small proportion of the whole body, and yet it does make such big difference! The rest of the body is the same, but wouldn’t you say this one single difference can turn a man into a woman?

I agree, as a woman she wouldn’t be a very attractive one. No much waist shape, small breasts, not wide hips, and so on. But still she could be considered a not-a-very-attractive-woman, but still a woman!

Can you tell why most of us Transsexual Women hate our male genitals? And want nothing to do with them, especially when having sex with a man? Our male genitals remind us we are not seen for what we feel we are.

Now, several times I’ve received nice comments from men with the best intentions who say “don’t worry, you are an attractive and desirable woman, even with your male genitals“. I thank those nice men! But consider this situation.

Imagine that, because of sickness, accident or whatever situation, your penis and testicles have to be extirpated and leave behind just a small orifice to pee, but other than than, just a smooth surface with no genitals at all. If a woman with the best intentions, and even with complete honesty, tells you “don’t worry, you are still a very attractive and very desirable man“, wouldn’t you be thankful for her kindness, but still feel incomplete as a man? No words could compensate for what you don’t have!

Even more, if she is willing to have sex with you and treat you as a complete man in bed, wouldn’t you still feel you cannot “perform” because of the lack of male genitals? Sure you could use a strap-on, but you would have no genital feel. Just think of receiving a blow job in your strap-on!

Now, Sex Change Surgery, when the doctors eliminate the penis and testicles and make a working vagina capable of being penetrated for sex is a very complex procedure. They do it in several successive surgeries since it cannot be done all at once; the whole procedure can easily end up costing around 100,000 US dollars, and take several years with surgeries and recovery between those surgeries.

But all this is assuming everything goes well and there are positive recoveries between surgeries. That’s why doctors prefer the patient not to be older than 30 years old, which leave the rest of us out of luck, even if the money, time and freedom were available (which is not my case).

Fortunately there is a “half way” alternative, and that is to just eliminate the penis and testicles without making a vagina. This way the body have to deal with the loss of body parts, but not with the transformation and “invasion” of making a vagina inside the body. It is still risky at an older age, but a lot less than full surgery.

The biggest problem with this alternative procedure is that, by eliminating the testicles, the body will not generate Testosterone, so that would have to be supplemented with Estrogen injections to compensate, and that is where the biggest danger exists; how an older body will react to the change in hormones.

Still, it is a possibility. Now, I know, I just mentioned above how a person would feel if he/she doesn’t have genitals at all, and that would be the new situation of a Transsexual Woman after male genitals extraction without making a vagina, but after living years with the “wrong parts” not having any is a lot better!

Besides, to look as a woman when naked (something very important for a nudist like me) when not having any genitals at all, at least as a woman there is an advantage compared with a man; just keep the “bush”. True, under that bush there will be no female genitals, but at least nobody would know while in a nudist environment. Only at the moment of sex there will be a problem…still having to use the “exhaust system”, LOL

In the previous post “Fucking Tranny” I mentioned it seems most (if not all) Bi-men become interested in having sex with us trans women because they want us to fuck them, and not because of seeing us as a woman, so our feelings become completely disregarded. They seem to assume because we have a cock then we must like and want to fuck, and that’s why no genitals at all look like a good alternative for some of us trans women. I say some because there are trans women out there who enjoy fucking men, only it is NOT the case of ALL trans women.

With no male genitals for some of us, those men shouldn’t feel attracted to our genitals anymore (since we don’t have them), and those who do feel attracted to us should be because of our general (even if only half way) female look…the woman in us.

So you can see why this “small detail” is such a big dream for most of us Transsexual Women. Such a small detail in proportion to the whole body, and yet, a world of difference in a person’s life.