Archive | November 4, 2019


I guess I have to admit defeat!

Honestly I did want to include a Chat system in this site, and I still do. The problem is that I don’t want to use those chat systems available that are a sort of social media and free to use, so I tried to go with a WordPress plugin that would allow me to open a chat box that would work exclusively between you and me, and not some system that is controlled by a company that makes it’s money by selling information from the people who use their systems.

There are many chat systems out there that many people use, but they work the same as Gmail and Yahoo…they are free, but everything you write and attach there can be used by those companies if they see a profit on it, and the same happens with Facebook and all the other social media available for free. They spend millions of dollars every month to run those giant systems so people can use them for free, but they are companies for profit, so how do you think they make money? They sell your information! Just remember the Facebook scandal some time ago.

That’s why I wanted to create my own Chat system where no information would be collected, so you and I could chat and even exchange pictures, yet nothing would be kept anywhere from you and from me. A safe system for both of us! And that’s why I don’t use any chat system out there, and not even Facebook or Skype, or anything of the like. Not just to be safe myself, but also to offer safety and privacy to you, so you could be sure your identity and private thoughts and pictures would be only for my eyes and nobody else.

Honestly I tried. I experimented with several different plug ins. The problem was that with some I just couldn’t activate them because of my own lack of technical knowledge, but mostly, most of them did collect information in one way or another. Clearly the only way to make it happen the way I want it would be to write my own program or create my own plug in, which is something that is completely out of my capabilities.

So after trying for a while, finally I accepted defeat and will have to run this site without a private chat system.

Maybe in the future things will go my way in this matter and will finally be able to have that chat box where we could communicate in real time, but for now I have to stop trying to free some time for other things I have to attend…you know…life always gets in the way, LOL