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Trans Woman and Shemale

In the previous post I described to you my “Dream Sex Date”. As you could see, even though I have male genitals my feelings are of a woman. That’s because I am a Transsexual Woman and not a Shemale porn actress. So let me explain the differences between the two.

It seems many guys who live as straight men like to watch porn they classify as Transsexual Porn, but in reality what they are watching is Shemale Porn. That’s fine and it can be very entertaining. The problem is when they forget to visualize that there is a difference between a Transsexual Woman and a Shemale.

A Transsexual Woman is someone born with a male body and has to live as a man, but feels as a woman.

They live as a man for a while, until they decide to change their body to reflect the woman they are. By having a male body they have a penis but no breasts, and they wants to eliminate that penis and get some breasts together with a general female look, so they could be seen as a woman rather than a man.

A Shemale is someone born with a female body but with male genitals, and lives and feels as a woman.

She has the general look of a woman, she is seen and accepted as a woman and lives as a woman, but under her clothes there are hidden male genitals. For what I understand, the big majority of Shemales feel as a woman and have trouble trying to find a straight man to accept them as complete females since they have a penis! But there are some who are beautiful women with a big penis, so some of them decide to go into the porn industry for money, and play female to female movies where there is the twist of them having and playing with their male parts; and there are some movies where a Shemale plays with a man, where the man sucks her penis and get penetrated by her.

For what I can see, some of those men who watch these movies have the fantasy of being with a Shemale, suck her penis and get penetrated by her, which is fine. The problem is that they forget the difference between a Shemale and a Transsexual Woman, and when they find the last, they want to play their fantasies thinking they are with a Shemale porn actress!

That’s why I used to send so many letters before meeting, and expected receiving letters telling me what they offered and wanted to receive; that way there would be no misunderstandings of who we were and what we wanted. But it seems they didn’t see who I really am and wanted to see a Shemale instead, creating problems later in bed.

To better clarify:

-Transsexual Woman: Born in a Male body with male genitals, but feels as a woman

Shemale: Born in a Female body with male genitals, and feels as a woman

-CIS Woman: Born in a Female body with female genitals, and feels as a woman

CIS Women are the “normal” women.

I am a Transsexual Woman.

You can see in the first picture two Shemales that are in the porn movie industry. They are beautiful girls with big penises. The second picture is a Shemale who lives as a normal woman and wants to find love with a man (I found that picture in a dating site). You can see she is a woman because she has breasts with female nipples. The third picture is me as a Transsexual Woman, meaning someone born as a man who has the feeling of a woman, and have adapted her body to a slightly more female look but still with a penis, and the breasts have no female nipples, so it is a male body.

With a little make up in the nipples I can make my breasts look more female, as you can see in the fourth picture; that can make me look slightly like a Shemale, but I am still a Transsexual Woman (a woman in a male body), not a Shemale (a woman in a female body but with a penis), and definitely I’m not in the porn industry!

So I don’t want a man to suck my penis and give me his anus for me to penetrate him! As a Transsexual Woman I want a man to see me as a woman and treat me as a woman, meaning by that, I suck his penis and he penetrates me! I am in the situation of the lady in the second picture.

So you can see why I did bug so much with lots of letters first before meeting someone. But that is something from the past. I simply lost hope to be seen for who I am in my inner feelings.

From sometime now I simply stopped dating since no matter how many letters, at the end all the men I met were in search for a penis to suck and to be penetrated, completely disregarding who I am, how I feel, and what I was searching for. Either they didn’t understood or simply didn’t want to see the difference between a Transsexual Woman and a Shemale in the porn industry. Yes, I have a penis, but it is not my fault or my choice! And having it doesn’t mean I have to or want to use it, right?