Archive | September 27, 2019

Dream Sex Date

What is it that such simple actions create so many reactions in the body and the mind? A hand softly running over naked skin; lips barely touching while softly kissing a sex partner; enjoying the body, to then little by little reach those hidden places that cannot be seen in public, but only in the privacy of a bedroom. Surrounded by a very sensual music and dim lights that allows to see only silhouettes that become the treasures to find and enjoy.

The surrender actions of my willing mind in search of physical pleasures to experience throughout my body and skin, giving and receiving the sweet caressing so long desired, but not too often experienced.

For a moment enjoying a man’s nude body, who willingly surrender to my unquenchable thirst of sweetly kissing, touching and tasting him with desire and desperation. Controlling my instincts to trade the roughness of desire by the sweetness of unconditional love, to show I do care, at the same time that I enjoy in a selfish way the pleasures of using and owning that willing body, running my hands and lips all over him, tasting his lips and his male parts while in pursue of ecstasy and satisfaction. Making love to his manhood with my lips, tongue and mouth, to then experience the pleasure of sweetly sliding it all over my face. Joy!

Then, for another moment becoming the quiet one, the willing one that give up myself to that man, ready to be used by him in his own search for the pleasures of using and owning my body. Experiencing the pleasures of being sweetly touched all over while I can moan in pleasure, to then being taken and used with the strength of the owner, who becomes selfish in his personal quest for his own pleasures, yet it is also pleasant for me, the taken, the one being used. Such feelings of having a man inside!

Sweet kisses and touches that make the skin tingle with desire for more, as a prelude for a smooth strength in the interactions, to lead invariably to the pleasant roughness of unleashed desires from the body and the mind. To then experience the shaking and relief of the body, like I guess must feel in some cases the moment of death, when passing to a calmed and relaxed place, where the body no longer have needs since it doesn’t exist anymore.

Then tired; exhausted by the sudden burst of muscular use throughout the body, relax for a moment to cuddle both naked bodies together, and to go back to the sweet touches and kisses, feeling the closeness of another human being.

Maybe it can be without love; maybe it is just a “no strings” situation, or maybe it is just a “one night stand”, but for that brief moment together, two willing creatures can find the pleasant relief of sex, and at the same time experience the communion of two minds that provide company to each other.

I’m sorry but I can’t understand when some people say: “I just want a good fuck” LOL