Archive | September 23, 2019



Between the car I’m restoring (of which I am really behind schedule) and the craziness that gave me to restart my own site (not knowing a thing about computers and site set up) time has become really scarce. Not much possibilities to go back to the mountains to enjoy a nudist hike before summer ends. Not even time to meet a man in my own place for some friendly chat (hot sex!) LOL.

But that’s OK. I must admit I’ve been very happy lately. Restarting this site is more than just telling who I am inside, but it is an opportunity to give gas again to the female flame burning inside me, and that I tried to extinguish some time ago. No chance to forget being a woman inside. I am what I am and even though I’ve tried many times to comply with society and be what my genitals dictate (according to society), I just simply cannot erase who I am inside (Transsexual Women…does it ring a bell?).

So I’ve been very busy with cars, computers, writing posts, emails with friends, and even trying to salvage some time to continue writing books, all while living a pretense life as a married, family man. Sometimes it feels like I’m screwed (but not the way I like to be screwed! LOL).

In any case, sometimes what we really need is not free time but an opportunity to live our real life, even if it is “Part Time” and in hiding. Maybe I don’t have much time to sleep lately, but every time I go to bed I can go with a smile!