Archive | September 19, 2019

Breasts Growth


Many times I’ve been asked what I’ve been doing to grow my breasts. The answer is…nothing!

You see, I haven’t had the opportunity to use female hormones because of my marital status, my closet life, my age, and even because of the cost. I’ve done nothing to make them grow, yet they have grown.

I suspect one of the reasons for my breasts growth could be a medicine I used to take for a syndrome I acquired several years ago. It wasn’t mentioned in the possible side effects, but I guess that could be a reason why.

The other thing is, my breasts are smaller than they appear in the pictures. For some reason they look bigger in the pictures compared to the real size in reality. I would say they are more like teenage girl size. LOL

Still, I love those pictures where they look bigger than they are. It gives me an opportunity to have female breasts, even if it is just in a picture. For a brief moment those pictures gives me the feeling that somewhere, in an alternate reality I am living the life I want to have, and being a woman as I want to be.