Archive | September 17, 2019

Header Picture


Might seem a little strange to use this picture in the Header of this site, especially considering that the first page anyone visiting this site is the Landing Page with the Warning of what kind of site this is, and requesting to be 18+ to Enter.

But to me it looks like the most appropriate way to show that this blog is of a Transgender Woman. A picture of my butt doesn’t tell if I am male or female, but it does tell the visitor the nature of this site. This way a new visitor will be able to quickly decide if he/she wants to go ahead and click Enter, or simply leave at once with an “Ooops…wrong side of the internet“, LOL

Also, it does show my intention of feeling attractive and desirable for men (men usually don’t use their butt to attract women, LOL).

So yes…that’s my butt.

And that’s the reason I decided to use that specific picture for the Header, even if it can be seen in the Landing Page (and every other page).