Archive | September 15, 2019

It is Done!!

Long time ago I opened a Facebook, Tweeter, Skype and YouTube accounts, but I never really used them. I opened them because…well…people say you have to have those, so I had them. Today I deleted them all. Well, I assume they are deleted.

I also had accounts in MyTranssexualDate/MyLadyBoyDate, TSMeet/AdultFriendFinder, OutPersonals,

What happens is, once you are inside the machine it is really difficult to get out. It works like a mafia, you can’t just walk away from them! They take your information and do whatever is good with business for them and don’t even tell you. To open an account is really easy…to delete it…that’s another story!

As an example, I opened an account with MyTranssexualDate and they duplicated my account in MyLadyBoyDate without telling me. I learned about that second account when receiving an email from another member in MyTranssexualDate telling me he saw my profile in MyLadyBoyDate. I went there and yes, there I was!

The same thing happened with my account in TSMeet, they duplicated my profile in AdultFriendFinder. Now that was nasty from them because they mixed up two different sites to have more members. You see, TSMeet is about Transsexual women searching for men and vice-versa, while AdultFriendFinder suppose to be mostly for straight men and women searching for sex. Pretty soon I started seeing complains of Transsexual women members complaining “why there are so many CIS women here?”. I wasn’t happy either because is nasty competition. It is already very difficult for a Trans woman to find men, to then have to compete with female born women!

So I basically abandoned those sites. I let the paid subscriptions expire and didn’t renew them. I am now a non-paying member who logged in for the last time several months ago. And I am seriously thinking to delete those accounts too. It was nice at the beginning, I did meet some men, but now those sites have become slow, crowded with the wrong people, and the sites admin have reduced more and more what can be done unless you become a paying member.

At things were different though. I joined a nudist group that meet in their houses. But since I wasn’t confident on my look, especially naked, I never went to any reunion. So after several months they deleted my account with them for being inactive. That’s fine though because they clearly stated at the beginning that they would delete any account of inactive members. So no hard feelings from my part.

Now, I’m still visiting my account in TrueNudists, but seriously I don’t know for how long more. That site is turning into a porn site! At least they have a Lifetime membership that cost what in other sites charge for 1 year, and I already paid that, so that’s a good thing…no more payments ever…for now! But I am still not very happy with that site. I’ll tell you in another post why I see it as if they are turning into a porn site rather than a social nudist site, as it suppose to be the original idea.

For now, at least I deleted my Facebook, Tweeter, Skype and YouTube accounts…if they are really deleted as I asked! Maybe in the future I will open new ones if I ever need them. But first I’ll see if I can do my own system here in AwryAngel, so not to have to depend in those other sites that charge too much, give not that much, and even use our personal information and pictures for their own gain.

I know, these are the modern days and technology and connection are key, but if I can minimize the digital dependence we are experiencing as a society, I believe that should be better.