Archive | September 10, 2019

First Post?

For people visiting this site again it may seem strange what happened here. This is not the site they where used to see. Where are the hundred of posts? the thousand of pictures? And even the several videos? The short answer is simple: I decided to restart the site.

But the long answer is a lot more complicated than that, so I will explain in detail in the next posts, together with why I abandoned this site in 2017 (after 4 years), what motivated me to come back, and why I decided to start from scratch.

Now, starting from scratch means I have many changes planned for this site, and considering I am not a techie person, it will take me a while to get everything up and running smoothly. I want to make this site simpler but more interactive.

So if you visit me here often you will see changes, improvements and new posts and pictures every day. Hope you like the new site!