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Dream Date

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We all dream of something we would like to experience, and I guess that shows who we are, what we want, and what are we searching for.

Since I feel as a woman, I like to be the female, kitty type one. Dressing sexy in what in my concepts is sexy, which seems to differ from what guys and CD’s in sex dating sites most commonly like.

I’ll be wearing a light fabric dress; the kind that opens in front and you put it on like a jacket. It would be a very simple design dress, that covers my butt like a mini skirt, and is closed in front with a line of buttons, and then an integrated belt. I will have nothing else on me; no shoes, no underwear, nothing. Just my wig and make up, and some light jewelry like earrings and a necklace.

My date will visit me at my place, so I’ll be waiting for him with my dress on and some wine ready to serve. When it comes to men I like the simple type, not the big muscle kind; he is in decent shape but nothing great. He is wearing jeans, a T shirt and tennis shoes when he visits me. Think of a geek type; maybe a library rat.

We get together and he holds me and kiss me while I give myself up to him. He starts unbuttoning my dress and I let him, as a sign that I am his to play with. He opens my dress and start massaging my breasts as we chat for a moment about how our days have been going. Then he walks me to my bed. I go in front of him and he lifts my dress and grabs my butt as we walk.

I pour some wine in the glasses and play some romantic music in the stereo. We drink and dance slowly while kissing. Then he takes my dress off and I am completely naked in front of him while he is still with his clothes on. I am his, for his pleasure. I kneel in front of him and make love to his cock for a while, so he can feel pleasure. Then he takes me to bed and bend me over, having my butt in front of him. He massage my whole body and kiss me all over very sweetly, as he knows that gets me wild.


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He kiss and licks my ass, to then play with it pouring lots of lube, and then he enters me, very slowly and carefully, while I feel him taking me and making me his. Then he grabs me from my hips and starts fucking me harder and harder, while I stand the fucking, the shaking, the use he is giving me. There’s nothing I can do, other than let him fuck me, and that gives me so much pleasure knowing he is having pleasure by using me to get his sexual relief.

Then he lift me and throw me in bed face down, so he can fuck me while being on top of me. He fucks me in my ass, at the same time he grabs me tight from my shoulders and breasts, while breathing heavily in my neck. All his weight is over me, so I feel I can’t move; I can’t do anything; I have to stand the hard fucking until he decided he had enough. He is the wolf; I am the prey and he is feasting on me!! So I close my eyes and enjoy being his for his pleasure.

When he is ready to cum, sometimes he cums inside me; other times he cums all over my back and butt, and other times he turn me around and cum in my face, my mouth or my breasts. He leaves me with his cum on me.

Then he takes me by the hand and guide me to the shower, where he starts washing me all over, while I stand still with my arms over my head and my eyes closed for him to wash his toy. His hands run all over my body, invading every very personal place. But I let him because I know he enjoys having me all, and I enjoy being his all.

He soaps my body with his hands, and then wash away the soap, again, with his hands. I am touched everywhere several times. I am groped and used by him, while I stand still with my arms on my head, and remain with my eyes closed, so he doesn’t feel controlled on what he can and cannot do because of my eyes. He owns me and he knows it.


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Then he drys my body with the towel, and takes me by the hand to the living room, to have another glass of wine, listen to the soft music, and seat in the couch with me leaning my head in his shoulder or over his legs. I talk very softly and slightly touch his body, so he knows I am his kitty to pet for a moment.

Times always fly when having fun, and when six hours had gone in like five minutes, he has to leave. So I go with him to the front door hugging him and softly rubbing my face in his neck while purring like a kitten. Then at the door, he is standing ready to go while I am standing still naked, saying goodbye. We kiss, he gropes me again and give me a quick spank, and then he leaves.

He is happy because he had me. He loves me because I give him pleasure the way he wants it, and I love him because he is very sweet and tender with me, and he treats me like a fragile kitten that needs love. We give each other what the other wants sexually, and in the way each other want it. So even though I reduce myself to serve him and give him pleasure, and he takes me and uses me for his pleasure, we both do it with respect, care and love, so we know we are for each other.

Then the times we have outside of the bedroom talking and discussing things…that’s a completely different story! But I’ll tell you about that in another post.




Forbidden Pleasures

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I’ve mentioned before I don’t like my genitals to be touched when sex playing. There are two reasons for that; one, they are the wrong part in me, so when a man play with them I feel he is not interested in the woman I am, but rather the body of a man, and so he sees a man in me; and two, my genitals are very fragile and prone to pain, so they have to be handle very carefully, or I will get lots of pain!!

So I don’t use my genitals!! Instead, I can use the rest of the body as my sexual part. Still, my friend likes to play with my cock, and he is so gentle when doing it, that he is the only one I would allow to touch them. I know when he is playing with my genitals, not only I don’t get pain, but instead I do get lots of pleasure, as you can imagine while looking at the picture above.

Actually, this picture is one of the very rare occasion when he played with my cock since it really doesn’t happens very often. I don’t like my genitals to be touched and so he stays away from them, until for some strange and obscure reason, he does play with my parts again. But that is a pleasure that, even it can be very nice to feel, I prefer to skip when we are making love.

At the other hand, I guess I should be thankful he kept my cock “out of the picture” by keeping it in his mouth!! LOL




Summer Night



It was so strange. I never imagined things like that could happen.

The night was still, and nothing seemed to happen. There was no movement, and I just couldn’t breath in the house anymore. I had to get out and walk. Go into the barely lit streets and walk without destination, but just walk.

Summer time and a nice temperature at 2 o’clock in the morning, with empty and silent streets to wander without a place to go; without anybody to be with.

It was in one of those streets that I found him, standing by the front door, completely naked!

At first I thought it might be someone who couldn’t sleep with the heat inside his house, and so decided to stand naked by the door, taking in the refreshing air of the night before going to bed. By I expected him to go inside as he saw me walking his street in his direction. Instead, he remained standing there, as if waiting for me to get closer and closer, until the moment I would cross in front of his door, and him standing naked there.

Many thoughts crossed my mind, but for some reason I didn’t get scared, and no thoughts of changing direction or going back came to me. So I remained walking at my slow pace, waiting for the moment I would arrive to his side, with a little bit of curiosity at the same time on what was really going on.

When I reached his door and was in front of him, and maybe because he remained standing there without moving, and just looking to my eyes with a soft and caring irradiation from himself, as if there was nothing wrong with the situation, I simply stopped walking and remained standing in front of him for a moment.

He was looking into my eyes with a sort of inquisitive expression in his face, but no signs of possible aggressive action. It was more like pleading for a moment of love and care, and so I realized he was aroused, and in desperate need of sex.

I slowly run my eyes in his entire naked body, paying special attention to his lips, chest and cock. I could feel how I was becoming aroused myself by standing there, looking at a naked man in front of me, who by the way seemed sort of attractive within my personal tastes.

He didn’t say a word and I didn’t either. Instead, I just stepped closer to him, and reached to his chest with both my hands, to try his skin and hairy body. He remained there without moving, and just closed his eyes, and a face expression of pleasure could be perceived. I run my hands through his face and slightly touched his lips with my fingers, to then go down his chest again with both my palms. After a short moment playing with his hairy chest, I went down to touch his cock. He breathed deeply and with a clear feeling of pleasure and desire.

I took his cock with both my hands, and got closer with my face to give him a couple of sweet kisses, and a slight taste with my mouth to the head of his beautiful cock. I could feel his body started to slightly shake in pleasure.

By then I was horny for his cock, and so started to suck it while running my tongue, touching his manhood very softly. After a short moment his body started shake strongly and his breathing becoming heavier; so I intensified my sucking in and out of his cock. On my knees in front of him, with my hands high up, touching his chest, and my mouth with his cock inside me, fucking me!

He grabbed my head and held it still, at the moment of proceeding to start fucking me in and out with his body movements. I remained there, still touching his hairy chest, while being on my knees in front of him. And even though at some point it became very rough for me, to the point of not even being able to breathe, still I remained there, waiting for the moment he wold complete himself.

A strong shaking and a warm fluid in my mouth! He cum inside me, while still holding my head with his hands. He made me his for a moment, and closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment.

Then, I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He was looking at me with a face of relaxed calm and caring eyes. I leaned back on my legs; lowered my arms and looked up to him with a smile in my face. He offered a hand to help me up, and so I stood up again in front of him.

I don’t know why, but I just wrapped my arms around his neck in a soft hug, and he held me on my waist. We kisses. Very softly and without care of time; feeling our bodies float together for a moment, we kissed as lovers. Then I opened my eyes and looked at his naked body hugging me. I smiled and told him “You are naked”. He said “Thank you!”

I gave him another brisk kiss in his lips, and then resumed my walk through the empty street at 2 o’clock in the morning.

After a moment I stopped and turned around to see him once more, standing naked by his door; but the door was closed and nobody could be seen in that empty street. Did I imagine the whole thing?!!

I walked around the block to go back to my house, while shivering in the cold. The night suddenly became to fresh for my taste and the clothes I was wearing at that moment, so I just hurry to my place, still wondering if I just imagined the whole thing, or if it really happened. Only…a salty taste was in my mouth.



Better Behave Boy!

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Just for the fun of it.

I don’t understand why so many men seem to believe they are in control and they “have” a woman. That a woman becomes “theirs” when having sex with her. I say we are in control of the man, and we just let them think they are.

Let’s analyze:

When I am sucking your cock and your cock is all in my mouth, do you think you are in control of me? Do you think you are using me for your pleasure? Wrong, I am in control of you! Just the wrong move and I have teeth ready to go into action…and I know how to bite a piece of meet!! So you better behave boy!!

When I am in doggy position on the floor and you are on your knees behind me fucking me, do you think you are using me for your pleasure? Well, just think for a moment the position of my legs and where they would go if I do a natural movement back with them? Yep! Straight to your nuts!! So you better behave boy!!

And when you are playing with my breasts, both hands to both breasts; if you try to squeeze them hard, the way I told you I don’t like it, remember that you have both your hands busy, while I have both hands free, and at a short distance of your nose!! So you know what to do boy!!

From this point of view, it is not a man having fun with a woman…it’s a man serving a woman. And is the woman having fun using a man!! LOL

I’m not serious, I’m just having fun writing this, OK?




Cock Sucker

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I know for many people, especially women, sucking a cock can be considered denigrating for the woman, pushing this “activity” into the field of Gay sex, Prostitution and Porn, rather than something couples would do as part of their love making.

Maybe it could be considered denigrating, mostly because in many instances it implies the man standing tall, while the woman is in her knees in front of him, dedicated to provide pleasure to the man. In other situations the man may be laying in bed in his back, in a sort of resting position, while she is all curled over his genitals, dedicated also to bring pleasure to the man. And there is the famous “69” position, which is dreamed all the time by men, yet also not very popular among women!

In any case, it is mostly she trying different things that can be of pleasure for the man, yet sometimes she even having trouble to breathe due to having a cock in her mouth, deep sometimes into her throat! In some occasions the man may get carried away and strongly trust his cock inside her mouth, creating even more problems for her to breathe while standing the moment, more with a feeling of being tortured, rather than being a part of a couple making love!!


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All this obviously leads to the perception that a woman has to self denigrate, positioning herself in a lower, servile attitude and position, in order to provide pleasure for the man, many times while she is not receiving any pleasure at all!

Yet it can have some magic!!

You see, a Transsexual Woman cannot avoid still having the male thoughts and feelings at some degree, and in my specific case, by being a Two Spirit person, sharing the brain with another spirit (my brother), I can access our shared memory banks and see and feel what my brother (as a man) wants, feels and desire from a woman, giving me the direct information of what I can do to pleasure a man.

For this reason I believe, I know what a man wants to receive sexually, and even I can have pleasure by doing that for him, while a born woman doesn’t have, thus doesn’t feel as a desire and pleasure, having only the perception of denigration, limiting what she can do and feel.


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While we, Transsexual Women have the problems of having to transform a whole human body in order to look like a woman, at the other hand we do have the “advantage” of still having a male part in our minds that provides us with information on what can be of pleasure to a man sexually, thus giving us the possibility of giving him careful pleasure in his cock.

The same happens when it is a Transsexual Man.   When a woman feels and wants to be a man, he can better understand how delicate female breasts can be, and so would not be hard on his lover’s breasts, but rather gentle and caring, as a woman wants but seldom receive from men!

So for a Transsexual Woman, by being part man in her mind, we know what a man wants to be done to his cock, and so are more willing to give it to him since we know how much pleasure he can receive; which also brings us pleasure by not having feelings of denigration or servile attitude, but free from taboos, and just desires of sexual pleasuring.


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All this means, I believe we, Transsexual Women, can be a lot better “cock suckers” than female women (other than prostitutes and porn actresses), giving us an advantage over women when it comes to sexually pleasure our men, perhaps to compensate a little for not having our “dreamed” pussy, so to feel as a complete woman, and be able to have “normal” sex with a man.

I believe we, Transsexual Women, can be better cock suckers, and also enjoy it;  more than just the pleasure of cock sucking, but even desiring to suck a cock!!

I personally find cocks attractive and desirable, and can get really horny by just the thought of sucking them; and definitely love to do it, not just to pleasure my lover, but because I also receive lots of pleasure when doing it!!


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Probably many people reading this will classify me as a “slut” because of mentioning that I like to suck cock, but I just like to suck my lover’s cock and not someone else’s. I consider it more as a part of our love making, rather than a bad thing, or something “dirty”.

Still, it makes me sad that many women will not suck their lovers/husbands cocks, just because they don’t like it and have taboos about it, loosing with this both parts in the couple, denying to their partners a pleasure that is very important for a man, and loosing themselves the creation of a tighter connection with their couples.