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Sex Test

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As I mentioned in the previous post, we are classified as men or women at the moment of birth based solely in the type of genitals we have, and from then on, and for the rest of our lives (that are just beginning at that moment) we are expected to behave according to the classification given, which remains supported for life by the genitals we have. But society shows that such classification system fails over and over again, as more and more we see people who feel their sexual preferences are not necessarily in accord with the type of genitals they have. So the need to create a re-classification system for our society.

How difficult can that be to do? Not much really.

Just imagine; what if at the end of High School kids have the option of requesting a Genre Re-Classification Procedure? They already have to take many tests in order to approve and finish High School, and to get a diploma certifying they successfully completed the High School program.

Anyone who feel they are in the wrong body, or even feeling they are in the right body, but feel attracted to those of their same sex, should have the possibility to request an Optional Genre Re-Classification Procedure. In this procedure they write an essay explaining why they feel they are a Transsexual Man; Transsexual Woman; Gay; Lesbian, etc. They include any relevant information that will support their claims, and present this essay together with letters of people who support them in their claims, like parents, teachers, priests, family, friends, etc. anyone who can support their claims of having feelings different from their birth sexual organs.

Then they have an interview with a Commission who will review the documentation presented and make questions to better understand the feelings of the student. At this point the students will have the possibility to explain who he/she feels really is and why. This Commission can be assembled with psychologists and teachers of the same school, and who are certified in these kind of procedures. Then the Commission will make a decision and “certify” the student as straight; Gay; Lesbian; Transsexual Woman; Transsexual Man, etc.


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With this certification, just like a High School certification will allow the student to apply for a job, the student would be able to apply at the Driving Records for a change in his/her status. Right now a Driver License say only: “Sex: M” or “Sex: F”, but with these changes in the system now the Driver License could also say Gay (G); Lesbian (L); Transsexual Man (TM); Transsexual Woman (TW), etc. This will allow the kid to be himself/herself in public and be supported in his/her ways by the system, now even on writing in the Driver License. Just imagine, a Transsexual Girl (a boy who really is a girl) could dress as a girl anywhere and feel better about herself; and if she is stopped by police for whatever reason when driving, she won’t have problems because the way she is dressing. Today she would be considered a boy wearing girl clothes, and that could be big trouble!

But even more; if a kid decides to pursue Sex Change Surgery, this certification will allow him/her to save many years of psychologist interviews and go straight to a no more than one year psychologist interviews before the actual surgery can begin.

Also, with a legal certification of this kind, it should be possible to “force” medical insurance companies to cover the medical expenses of hormones and surgery as a need for mind health. No longer it would be a “personal” thing, but it’ll become a “legal” thing.

Now, as I said, this Procedure would be entirely optional, so only those who feel they are in the wrong body, or that have feelings and desires different of what would be expected from their genitals, would have the possibility to change their self classification. Those who feel fine in the body they have would not be required to take this Procedure at any time.

This Procedure, in theory, would also allow to “rectify” the feelings of a kid who is confused about his/her sexuality, rather than being someone wrongly classified at birth. The commission then could suggest psychological help to those who, in the commission’s eyes, are not truly classified wrong. That would be, let’s say, a boy who thinks he is a girl, but really it is more of a misunderstanding on his part, or an external situation that made the boy think wrong about his own identity.


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If a Genre Re-Classification Procedure like this was implemented at the end of High School, we would have a lot more happy people with who they are and how they interact with society, rather than having this “double side” of people, as it is right now. Also, by making it a regular procedure in normal youth life development, more people would start to accept that we are not necessarily what our genitals are, and would see others for who they say they are, rather than what they have hiding under their pants and skirts.

But further more, this Procedure should also be available at a later time in a person’s life, maybe through organizations who actually exists, as those that now help the LGBT community. This will allow to people who later in life discover their true feelings, and those who might have taken the Procedure before, but weren’t clear enough at that time to be certified. It would be like a second chance; or third; or fourth.

The whole idea is to allow people to be “legally” considered and accepted in society by their feelings and mind, rather than being classified by their genitals. Like this thing happening right now with women complaining about Transsexual Women using the women’s public bathrooms. These women still consider a Transsexual Woman just a man in women’s clothes, and that is because they still classify others by their genitals instead of their thoughts and feelings. If there was an Optional Genre Re-Classification Procedure that allows people to legally correct who they really are, they would have legal documents (like a Driver’s License) to support their claims; and by being this a Legal procedure people would start to believe more the veracity of a Transsexual claims.

As a society we have so many advances in technology, science, art, etc, yet we still keep classifying ourselves with an archaic system that dates from the dawn of man! The time has come to make changes to this; and we really need it to safeguard the right people should have of to be themselves. We have so many rights in many situations that protect us, but we still have to live with the involuntary mistake done to some of us at birth!

We really need to implement as soon as possible an Optional Genre Re-Classification Procedure in High Schools, when the kids have had enough time to discover themselves; and also have this Procedure available in those organization helping the LGBT community, for people who discover later in life who they really are.

Wouldn’t you agree?



No Spirits

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In the previous post I tried to explain why people in general, and religious people in particular, should understand and accept people in the LGBT community, and also with this, understand the plausibility of the existence of Two Spirits people too.

Now, are we really eternal spirits? Or the concept that we are an entity separated from the body is just a bunch of crap? I don’t know; but personally I do believe we are eternal spirits coming to occupy a physical body for a short amount of time to enjoy physical life. I am not a religious person; I don’t profess any religion, but I do tend to believe we are “entities” that take control of a human body. We are thinking energy that is part of the energy in the universe, and we occupy a human body at some point between the nine months of gestation before birth. Then, when the body dies, it dies because it becomes incapable of holding the energy we are, and so we leave, to dissipate back into the universe.

That’s my personal belief; but what if none of this is true? What if we, as thinking and feeling entities, are just a part of the electric pulses generated by the brain? If we are no more than the result of those electric pulses at work, which in conjunction create a whole state of thoughts that is us? Then we basically don’t exist as entities, spirits or souls. We are just a result of the human brain at work; in which case instead of leaving the human body at the moment of death, we simply shut down.

OK then, now let’s assume this is the truth, and we are not spirits or souls but just the creation of our own brains. How does this apply to the problem of having so many people in the world that feels they were born in the wrong body? How it could be possible someone may feel he/she was born in the wrong body, if the concept or idea of being male or female should be created in the brain after living several years? Shouldn’t we all create a concept of what gender we are based on the learning and experiences we have in our growing process? In which case we should perceive ourselves as the same sex our bodies are.


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Unless the generated thoughts in our brains integrate into a conclusion that is based mostly on external experiences and conditions we grow in, rather than the gender or sex our bodies have. That could be the case of people who had very particular conditions at the time of growth. An example of that could be a boy who is the youngest among several sisters; which would give him a growing life surrounded by female clothes; make up and behaviors that pertain mostly to women rather than men.

But that is not the norm. In my personal case, I grew up in a small family, having just one sister and normal, typical mother and father. No family members or circumstances that could push me or guide me into feeling as a woman; yet the female feelings have been always there. Even more, I remember having feelings and reactions like a little girl at the age of five, before I even started thinking and understanding the world around; so how could be possible my body reacted in way a girl would do, when I still didn’t have any concept of gender and/or sexuality? It would have to be formed already in my brain the concept of being a female, without the use of my thinking and reasoning. Even more because my family was very traditional and boys were boys while girls were girls, so no mix up allowed.

That would take us to the point of considering our existence as entities in general, and our self awareness as male or female in particular, as something the brain creates without the participation of the thinking and reasoning processes we develop only after several years of life. In other words, our brains create who we are without us having any possibility of choice! That would explain why, even though it is a huge problem for someone having the feelings of being of the opposite sex he/she was born, even to the point to drive some people into committing suicide, still it seems to be impossible to change those feelings consciously to make them match the gender the body has. We are doomed to feel the way we feel, even if it doesn’t reflect the sex of out genitals.


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The only explanation I can think of is the way the body is physically built, by the means of the balance between Estrogen, Testosterone, and Progesterone; genetics and other elements. These together with how the body grows physically by many variables like feeding, sicknesses and also many other elements, could all together contribute to how the brain wiring develops, and with it the tendencies it would have in the thought processing and behaviors as the person grows in life. Then the physical constitution of the body at any time throughout the growing process of a person would dictate the configuration of the brain, which in turns will create the though processing that conforms a masculine or feminine tendency. And the result not necessarily will have to be a match between the kind of genitals and the self perception, creating this way a person who feels he/she has been born in the wrong body.

The funny part is that, nowadays there are many medicines that work with the brain rather than the body, changing the way the brain works. I know this because I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome and the medicine I have to take, Lyrica, works by changing the way receptors in the brain perform, so I don’t feel as much pain and my energy levels return partially. But the funny part is that, together with helping me with controlling the syndrome, the medicine also changes some of my sexual tendencies and desires. While when taking a brand name Lyrica I feel more feminine and more sexually inclined, when using generic Lyrica I feel more Androgynous and less sexually inclined; but I will not go into more detail about this here since it would be long enough for it’s own post.

But this could be a sort of proof that we are what our brains are designed to think, so we cannot change how we perceive ourselves by our own desire and/or intention, yet it could be changed with the use of drugs.


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We might perceive ourselves as a man in a woman’s body or a woman in a man’s body because of the construction of our brains, rather than by being eternal spirits occupying the wrong physical body; and we would not be able to change how we feel by pure desire or hard work, not because of being spirits, but because is how we are physically built. Then, by the works of chance, we would be just built wrong!

And yet, how we perceive ourselves could be changed by the use of drugs, somehow allowing us to think and feel as the same genre the sexual parts in our bodies are. We would no longer feel as of being born in the wrong body. What nature and circumstances built wrong, we could make it work right with specific medicines that change the way the human brain works. The medicines would not fix the brain; they would just make it work in a different way; and so we would be dependent on those medicines for life, or we would “revert” back to the sexuality conflict we had at the beginning.

But there’s more. One argument many people who support the theory that we are not eternal spirits but just the works of our own brains is that, in order to feel we were born in the wrong body, the spirit should have a specific sex too; and so there would be masculine spirits and feminine spirits. But how can spirits be of one sex or the other when they don’t have a physical body? There is a possible answer, but it’s also long enough to leave it for its own post.

Conclusion: We are not spirits but just the works of our own brains, and when our time is up in this world, we simply shut down and dissolve. And the reason why we might feel being born in the wrong body is also just the works of how our brains ended up being built. No mysteries and just physical explanations for our physical existences. Obviously a debate could go on and on in any direction, but these seem to be the basics.




Spirits or Bodies

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Continuing with the previous post about the problems people have to understand what Two Spirits really means, I must say perhaps one of the most frustrating parts for me is when Gay, Lesbians, Transgenders and the like don’t understand what Two Spirits really means.

I can somehow understand people who feel fine with the body they have if they don’t understand the concept, mostly because it could be something completely new for them, something that never occurred to them because they have never been in a situation like we, Transsexuals, Two Spirits, Gay, Lesbians, etc. find ourselves in throughout our lives. It is us coming to them asking for acceptance, not them coming to us to ask who we really are, so I guess the effort have to be in our part to make them understand. But when the misunderstanding and confusion starts among us, then it can become upsetting when you analyze the situation.

Let’s start from the base, as a way to better understand the difference between the many classifications. As I’ve explained before somewhere here in this blog, most religions in the world insist we are eternal spirits that come to occupy a physical body in order to experience physical life. Once the body dies, we, as spirits, return to the universe to resume our eternal existence. Where do we exactly go after the body dies varies depending on the religion; for some we return to reincarnate in a new physical body; some talk about judgment of our spirit for our behavior in physical life, and so on. What matters here at this point is that we suppose to be eternal spirits in the form of energy that occupy a physical body for a certain amount of time before going back to our origins.

Now, if you don’t believe we are eternal spirits, please just bear with me here and in the next post I’ll talk about the point of no existence of spirits, by considering the soul just a creation of the brain; which obviously would mean there is no eternal existence, and so after death we simply dissolve and become permanently gone.

So, from this point that we are eternal spirits (or souls), it is easy to understand that some people might be born in the right body while others might be born in the wrong one, or better said, some people could be born in a body that is not perfectly compliant with the feelings and thoughts their spirit may have, and so we may have Transsexual, Gay and Lesbian people.


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Now, since we suppose to be a spirit coming to occupy a body, couldn’t it be possible also that in some instances two spirits happen to take one body? Then we would have a Two Spirits person. And why could this happen? Call it accident of Nature, designation, punishment, bad luck, whatever you may want to call it; the point is there is a good number of people out there who consider themselves being Two Spirits, so unless everybody is wrong (which of course it could be) then the possibility does exist. And I say the possibility of everybody being wrong could exist because I am not claiming this is the absolute truth, but rather just proposing a possible explanation of why we, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community exists.

So it is not so complicated to understand the Two Spirit concept. I am not asking people to accept it easily, but I do believe it shouldn’t be so difficult to understand the idea, from which it would be possible to discuss it’s plausibility, especially among the LGBT community. I can understand those who have never felt in disagreement with the sex of their bodies to be more reluctant to the concept since they may have never been exposed to these possibilities, but those of us in the LGBT community should be more open minded about it.

Still, those who feel fine with the sex of the body they were born with, and especially people who claim to be believers in God and profess a religion, should be the ones who even easier could understand this concepts of, not only a Two Spirits person, but also anyone who consider him/her self to be born in the wrong body. Why? Because they should be the ones who suppose to better understand the concept of being all of us eternal spirits that come to occupy a temporary physical body. After all, most religions and their sets of rules and behaviors are aimed to save and/or direct the spirit (soul) to a better situation after the physical body dies. People pray for the salvation of their souls, so they should know by heart we all are spirits in a physical body. In other words, we are spirits, not the body our spirit are locked in! And for this reason, they should better understand anyone who claim to be born in the wrong body, and so be accepting of those who insist their body doesn’t match sexually what their feelings and desires are.


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It makes me think religious people might understand the concept of spirit and body as two different things, yet they really don’t believe it at heart! So by heart they still consider a person is the physical body that person has, and that’s why they have so much trouble accepting Gay, Lesbian and everybody else that doesn’t fit the model of people being what the body indicates. In my opinion it should be exactly the opposite. Religious people should be the first to understand and accept anyone from the LGBT community since they should understand better than anybody else we are spirits, and the body is just a temporary physical skin, so it could be the wrong one.

In other words, we are a spirit, not the physical body we all can see; so why say this person should be a man or a woman based on the physical body?! And from the other end, that body has a person, a spirit, so who and what is that spirit, independently of the sex of the body? And then a body could hold two spirits instead of only one; after all if the body can have a spirit that is not in agreement with the sex of the body, then it could be possible the body could also hold more than one spirit, don’t you think?

It seems to me it is not so difficult to understand the concepts of LGBT and Two Spirits, so it is really frustrating when people, even after given this kind of explanation, still insist in considering a Two Spirits person simply a Transsexual that needs counseling to accept him/her self. They insist it is only one spirit, or just cannot see beyond the original, simple concept of one spirit/one body. And when this happens among the same LGBT community, it is even more frustrating!

In the next post I’ll talk about the other possibility: What if there is no eternal soul, and we are just a creation of our brains? What if after the body dies the supposedly spirit simply dissolves, because it was just a creation of the brain thinking processes? So there are no spirits or souls, and there is no eternal life, and that way of thinking (and believing) is just an obsolete concept in the human race.

See you next post!




The Spirits Thing

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It is so strange to me when I find yet another person who can’t get the Two Spirit concept. I’ve explained so many times what Two Spirits means, and I do explain again in a one on one letter to someone, just to discover a couple of letters later they still consider me one spirit in the process of coming out of the closet, like taking my male clothes off to show the female I am.

For a while I’ve been surprised why so many people seem to use the terminology in complete disregard of the meanings. Like a Transsexual Woman calls herself a Crosdresser, or a Crossdresser calls himself a Transsexual Woman. I guess the answer is that most people don’t even know in which category they fall, simply because they don’t know what categories exist, how are they called and what the terminology means.

Then it wouldn’t be surprising that many people wouldn’t understand what Two Spirits really means.

In a closer look, after analyzing the people in sex dating sites, and especially in Gay and Transsexual dating sites, it seems many of them take a classification, mostly because they have to choose one at the moment of creating a profile, but they are really none of them! It seems they are just after sex, no matter the way. Feeling horny and not having a way to relieve those internal desires can be very upsetting, to say the least. So I guess many people search for sex dating sites with the hopes of finding someone, another willing human body to have sex with. Isn’t that what we all are built for, yet in modern society cannot find? Having sex in the same regularity our bodies desire it?

Sex dating sites. We find them; we see some pictures; they arouse us more; we read it is free; we decide to create a profile to see if there is someone close by with whom we can get together and have the so necessary sex our lives are missing. But at the moment of creating a profile, they require an auto-classification; who we are? How we consider ourselves? A man? A woman? A Transsexual? A CD? A Gay? A Lesbian?

So we pick what seems to be closer to what we think we are and move to the next step in completing the profile. We want to see what’s available!

Some men want just to get sucked; some men want just to suck, and some want both. Some feel girly and like to wear female clothes to have sex. There are so many different variations in what someone might want with sex, that even the classifications become too little compared with what people could identify themselves with, to describe what they want and like; how they feel about themselves.

Then it is no wonder why when telling someone I am a Two Spirit person, they might not understand the deepest meaning of that. Two Spirits; who cares! Do you want sex or not? To me you are a human body that I like and want to fuck; are you up to it?


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“I am a Two Spirits person. I am a Transsexual Woman in a man’s body; my brother’s body”
“So let’s spend the weekend together”
“I can’t, I have to borrow my brother’s body to exist, and weekends are his”
“So you are not out yet? It is a long process, but you can do it”
“No, I can’t, because the body I use is not mine. I can’t leave my brother without a body!”
“I know, it is a difficult thing; but you can get counseling; they will help you understand yourself better”
“I know who I am; I just can’t steal my brother’s body from him. It is him or me, not both”
“Well; it is a long process, but you can learn to accept yourself as the woman you are and do the transition”

We are talking two different things! Two Spirits is not the same.

Transsexual Woman: One Spirit; one person; one entity. One woman living in a male body; a woman who has lived as a man so far, but wants to change and start living as a woman instead. No conflict; no dispute for one single physical human body. One owner and sole proprietor of the body. She can change her identity to female; change the body to female; become whatever she wants to be, because she owns the body she lives in.

Two Spirits: Two souls; two people; two completely different entities; one man and one woman, together sharing one single physical body. One is the owner, the one who has lived since the beginning in the body, and so has made a life in that identity. A man in a male body who lived as a man and formed a family; a career; a round life. The other, a woman who lives in the same body but has no control over it, unless given by the owner of the body; the man. She has to borrow the body to be in physical life. She cannot decide what to do with the body unless given permission by the owner.


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I am a Two Spirits person. I am the woman in a man’s body. My brother is the owner of the body; a man in a male body. He has done a life as a man and formed family and all. He is required to be in physical life. He has to be! There is people who needs him and would suffer if he’s gone, especially if he’s gone to become a woman, as it would appear in their eyes. They wouldn’t understand he is not really gone, but just living now inside the brain of than new woman. They would think he has switched from man to woman. They would think he is that woman they see, like most people think in those sex dating sites. They wouldn’t understand the woman they see is not the man they used to see, but another person, another soul, another spirit! The other spirit that conforms the duality in the Two Spirit person.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

Especially when considering that most people claim to believe in that we are an eternal spirit occupying a physical body to experience the gift of physical life, until the moment we have to depart to then occupy our place in the universe.

So how difficult can be to understand about the possibility of two spirits in one body instead of one? Either by accident, designation or destiny, the possibility of two spirits inhabiting one physical body is complete possible. And it’s not a new concept, especially because the very term Two Spirits come from the American Indians, who used it from hundreds, if not thousands of year ago. The Two Spirits concept exist even from before the term Gay was created!

Yet most people cannot accept it, even if they claim to understand it!

It makes me think they may go to church; they may pray; they may want to go to heaven when they die, yet they don’t really understand, accept and believe in what they say; and that could be reflected also in their behavior in relation to the rules to follow in any religion they might believe in. But that is a concept to analyze more in detail in another post.




Body Use

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Sometimes we have funny things that really are sad instead. What I mean is that, sometimes a situation that happens makes us laugh, when in reality we should be sad for it. I’m sure you have had many times situations like that. It happened to me last night.

I met a friend to go out for a couple of drinks and chat, and then go back to my place for some sweet sex. As you know, being me a Two Spirit person who doesn’t have her own body, I use my brother’s body to interact in physical life. In other words, I am the second spirit in my brother’s brain, so he is a man in a male body, the one who exist in physical life in all rights. Then I am the second spirit in his brain, so I exist only in ethereal life, and when I want to be in physical life I borrow his body.

The problem is that I am a feminine spirit, so when using his male body, I transform it into female by the use of female clothes, make up and wig. Then I can go out in physical life and have fun experiencing physical things.

What happened yesterday is that I took my brother’s body, dressed it as a woman, and then went out with my friend for those drinks and chat, and after that we came to my place and had even more drinks, so at some point I became dizzy and sleepy.

The bad part is that with my friend we spent more time sleeping than making love, so it was like a waste of sex time! LOL

The funny part is that after the meet, I removed all the make up and changed clothes to male, so to return the body to my brother, but I gave him back a drunk body!! He let me use a fine body and I returned it drunk, tired and completely out of sinc with his life because the body didn’t sleep at the right hours, finding itself tired at the time it supposed to be available for my brother for his activities.

I know, it is very irresponsible from my part. My brother let me use his body for me to have fun in physical life, and I returned the body all wasted up! Like borrowing a car to go on a short trip and returning it all dirty and without gas in the tank!

My brother and I really have very distinctive personalities. He is very analytic and careful with his doings in life, while I am very impulsive and tend to act without much care. Because of this I’ve been able to do lots of things my brother have never done, yet very often I leave the body worn out! In a next post I’ll tell you more about our different personalities, and how that affects the physical body we use (his body).

I am a bad girl, I know! And seriously, sometimes I am surprised at my brother’s infinite patience with me!