Tail of a Woman



Just spending some time there, doing nothing. Remaining in that surrender position imagining maybe somewhere close by there is a man spying on me from a window; feeling aroused by the view of my nude, horny body.


With very slow movements my tail balance from side to side, as in trying to tempt that man at the window to pleasure himself using my body.

You can come here and have some fun” I suggest in a fainted voice to the man I know is not there.

In the meantime, I just keep dreaming while enjoying that soft tingling in my whole body that comes from being nude, being in a surrender position, and being horny with desires of feeling being a complete woman.






Summer is running away; Winter is coming, and its representative, Fall, has started conversations already.

Such a beautiful yet sad season is Fall. I love walking over the accumulated leaves at the park, wearing some warm clothes and taking in the cold air all around. Beauty in the colors, yet the feeling inside of a sadness for some memory that I forgot long time ago.

Fall; the season that reflects the descent of light, heat and life. Sadness in the air. A feeling of loosing something, like a lover going away. Or maybe life itself finding the end of the road. I can understand it is called Fall.

Trees become sad and naked to the cold, while a yellow grass shows the end of life. They will come back, they are not gone, but they all together seem to know something we are not being told; there is an end to things. Happiness, love and life itself are not forever, while we also can have the other side of those feelings, as sadness, loneliness and death.

Time to remember; time to understand the little details we were too busy living to consider by then; while walking over the dead leaves in a cold afternoon at the park. Fall, such a beautiful season, yet it also brings us the time to reflect on ourselves; who we are, what we are, where have we been, where are we going, have we been happy, did we hurt someone’s feelings, what do we really feel inside, what do we want; before the hardship of cold and snow of Winter will settle for a while.






A man right now. I need a man right now. To curl in his chest and sleep safe. I don’t want a man to fuck me; I want a man to protect me. I am a little girl; I need my Daddy!

I guess I always were a little girl wanting her daddy, yet they always saw me as a boy and a man. I never had my daddy. Maybe that’s why I like older men. Maybe I’m looking for my daddy.

“I’ll be a good little girl daddy!!” “I’ll suck your cock to make you happy, but I need you to protect me from the world…I’m scared daddy!!” “I want to cry daddy! Would you hug me and protect me?” “I feel so vulnerable”

In the outside they see a grown man with a family. They expect that man to be the man. But I am a little girl that always wanted and needed my daddy; but he never was there for me. I am a little girl still looking for her daddy; to hug her and protect her.

“I’m scared daddy!” “The men with uniform do bad things to people” “I’m scared daddy! Why you never were there for me? Why did you let me grow without your protecting arms around me?”

I want a man to fuck me; to destroy me with his cock! That’s what you did to me daddy. You fucked me to death with your absence! And I keep waiting for you; to see you and to run to your arms, so you lean down and hug me, and lift me into your arms, against your chest, so I can lean my head in your shoulder, while you take me around in your arms, walking and talking to me to calm me from my fears, to let me know I am not alone, to let me know you will always be there for me. So I can dry my tears and turn my crying into a smile, feeling safe because you have me in your arms.




It never was.

That girl never existed in the real, physical world, so nobody ever saw her, so she grew up alone in the ethereal world, always waiting for her daddy to protect her, and he never came.

Fuck me daddy; use me; at least that way I can get something from you. At least something! Because you never came.

Red Bull and cigarettes. Many Red Bull and cigarettes. That’s how I live now. Slowly poisoning me. Waiting for you; even though I know you will never come. I still wait for you…why? I don’t understand myself. Why?!

Maybe if I die I will find you in the other side. I will leave them the dead body of a man for them to cry over their inflexible way of seeing reality and physical life; While a little girl will be free to fly in search of her daddy.




My Ass



How important is my ass!

By its sole existence I can have hopes in the future in my life.
Because I have my ass, I can have men interested in my heart!
Thanks to my ass a stupid and boring dress can become a sexy one.
High heels are used to move my ass.
The bigger the ass, the better the fuck. (Or so they say)
My brain can be small and my words can be stupid, as long as at the end I let them use my ass.
I can get more drinks for free in a first date if I have a good ass.
I will consider he is an ass, when he is only interested in my ass.
Do you like the picture of my ass?
My face doesn’t attract as many prospects as my ass does.
In a Gay dating site it is a good thing to say “kiss my ass!”
I guess I should say instead, “I swear for my ass”!
My best friend is not you, but the bottle of lube for my ass.
They think all I want is being fuck in my ass.
Then what would be the difference with a fuck machine for my ass?

Sometimes I feel more important than my brain and my heart is my ass.
How important is my ass!





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I need to be touched. I need my body to be sweetly kissed. I have the desire. I need someone, man or woman, to treat me as the woman I feel inside, and touch me all.

I want hands to run on my skin. To touch me; to grab me; to squeeze me; to hold me. I want someone to own me! I am horny, I know.

Women do feel the need for sex too…sometimes, I know. Not enough like men, so men live frustrated with the lack of sex they have; especially married men. Normally I don’t feel need for sex, but I feel it now. Sex!!

If you promise to treat me sweetly; to treat me gently; to play with my whole body with your hands and your lips. If you promise to be nice and sweet and play with my body until I am so horny that I’ll be screaming begging you to fuck me, I will surrender myself to you.

I don’t care if I don’t know you. I don’t care what’s your name or who you are. I don’t care if you are just a passer by. If you promise to be gently with me, I will be yours now. Do you want me? Do you want to play with me? Do you want to own my body for a moment? Do you want to get release?

I am naked. I am standing nude in front of you. Look at all my body enjoying watching a naked woman while making me feel vulnerable and owned. Make me feel I’m yours. For your enjoyment and pleasure. For your needs of sex relief.


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Take me stranger! Have a story to tell your friends and something to brag about. Tell your friends how you made me scream in pleasure. Tell your friends how that slut was begging you for more. Take the opportunity stranger because right now I am willing and ready for anyone. Put your name in the dotted line because right now I am ready for………. (you).

How comes that I feel this way if the latest pills don’t let me feel desire? I’ve been without desire for a long time and now this? I know this is just a moment in time. A desire for sex that is intense as a fire, yet will pass in a moment to be gone for a long time again. But for now…

I am horny. I have desire. My body is ready for hands and lips to run freely all over, giving me the tingles that I want to feel. Take me stranger as you please. Then you can enter my ass and give us both the release that we both want and need.