Header Picture


Might seem a little strange to use this picture in the Header of this site, especially considering that the first page anyone visiting this site is the Landing Page with the Warning of what kind of site this is, and requesting to be 18+ to Enter.

But to me it looks like the most appropriate way to show that this blog is of a Transgender Woman. A picture of my butt doesn’t tell if I am male or female, but it does tell the visitor the nature of this site. This way a new visitor will be able to quickly decide if he/she wants to go ahead and click Enter, or simply leave at once with an “Ooops…wrong side of the internet“, LOL

Also, it does show my intention of feeling attractive and desirable for men (men usually don’t use their butt to attract women, LOL).

So yes…that’s my butt.

And that’s the reason I decided to use that specific picture for the Header, even if it can be seen in the Landing Page (and every other page).



It is Done!!

Long time ago I opened a Facebook, Tweeter, Skype and YouTube accounts, but I never really used them. I opened them because…well…people say you have to have those, so I had them. Today I deleted them all. Well, I assume they are deleted.

I also had accounts in MyTranssexualDate/MyLadyBoyDate, TSMeet/AdultFriendFinder, OutPersonals, Secure.MeetUp.com.

What happens is, once you are inside the machine it is really difficult to get out. It works like a mafia, you can’t just walk away from them! They take your information and do whatever is good with business for them and don’t even tell you. To open an account is really easy…to delete it…that’s another story!

As an example, I opened an account with MyTranssexualDate and they duplicated my account in MyLadyBoyDate without telling me. I learned about that second account when receiving an email from another member in MyTranssexualDate telling me he saw my profile in MyLadyBoyDate. I went there and yes, there I was!

The same thing happened with my account in TSMeet, they duplicated my profile in AdultFriendFinder. Now that was nasty from them because they mixed up two different sites to have more members. You see, TSMeet is about Transsexual women searching for men and vice-versa, while AdultFriendFinder suppose to be mostly for straight men and women searching for sex. Pretty soon I started seeing complains of Transsexual women members complaining “why there are so many CIS women here?”. I wasn’t happy either because is nasty competition. It is already very difficult for a Trans woman to find men, to then have to compete with female born women!

So I basically abandoned those sites. I let the paid subscriptions expire and didn’t renew them. I am now a non-paying member who logged in for the last time several months ago. And I am seriously thinking to delete those accounts too. It was nice at the beginning, I did meet some men, but now those sites have become slow, crowded with the wrong people, and the sites admin have reduced more and more what can be done unless you become a paying member.

At Secure.MeetUp.com things were different though. I joined a nudist group that meet in their houses. But since I wasn’t confident on my look, especially naked, I never went to any reunion. So after several months they deleted my account with them for being inactive. That’s fine though because they clearly stated at the beginning that they would delete any account of inactive members. So no hard feelings from my part.

Now, I’m still visiting my account in TrueNudists, but seriously I don’t know for how long more. That site is turning into a porn site! At least they have a Lifetime membership that cost what in other sites charge for 1 year, and I already paid that, so that’s a good thing…no more payments ever…for now! But I am still not very happy with that site. I’ll tell you in another post why I see it as if they are turning into a porn site rather than a social nudist site, as it suppose to be the original idea.

For now, at least I deleted my Facebook, Tweeter, Skype and YouTube accounts…if they are really deleted as I asked! Maybe in the future I will open new ones if I ever need them. But first I’ll see if I can do my own system here in AwryAngel, so not to have to depend in those other sites that charge too much, give not that much, and even use our personal information and pictures for their own gain.

I know, these are the modern days and technology and connection are key, but if I can minimize the digital dependence we are experiencing as a society, I believe that should be better.





I can fix a car…I can restore a car! But when it comes to work in computers and the internet I am almost useless! Meaning by that, I am not a techie person about all the new computer thing.

For the past two months I’ve been working on restarting this site. Since I abandoned it for two years (from July 2017) the very little I learned at that time about how to configure my site has become completely obsolete. So when getting into this again I discovered I had like 25 updates pending! One of those was to update the WordPress platform, but to do that first I had to update the PHP thing from the Host. So after spending lots of time reading tutorials in the internet and becoming dizzy every time, finally I have something.

So far I’ve updated the PHP thing, so I could update the WordPress platform, the Theme, a bunch of pluggins, and I don’t know what else. Not that I knew what I was doing, but rather one of the million clicks I did with the mouse finally worked in the direction I wanted to go, LOL.

Also I needed to add a SSL Certificate to change this site from HTTP to HTTPS. Well, that is also done, so this is a safer site to visit. Now it is about finding out why many things don’t work and why others do what they want to do and not what I want them to do, so there’s still a lot of work to go through.

The reason for so many complications (other than I have no clue what I’m doing) is that I want to make this site more interactive than it used to be. For instance the Comments section after every post, a good Contact Form, and even a Chat box for live chat with visitors when I’m online. It should work great…once it starts to work! LOL. As you can see I already installed a Tab on top for Chat…but now I need to figure out how to make it work.

So every day you will see that something is changed, something works now, and other things stopped working compared with yesterday!! Then you’ll know there is a mouse tinkering with the wiring of the website (me). So please be patient, and if you have any suggestions I’m all ears!



Why, Why

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’ll explain why I decided to restart this site from scratch.

But first, a little of statistics:

-I started this site in March 15, 2013.

-Uploaded 504 posts, 1,179 pictures, and 36 videos.

-I opened a Facebook, Tweeter, Skype and YouTube accounts.

-I also opened profiles in TSMeet (a Transsexuals dating site), OutPersonals (a Gay dating site) and TrueNudists (a Nudists social site).

-I even reached 999,479 visitors in this site (AwryAngel) in that time…almost 1 million!

-In July 07, 2017 (4 years later) I abandoned this site, accounts and profiles.


You see…

-By the age of 45 I started exploring what were those inner feelings I had since childhood.-When I reached 50 years old I realized I had a woman inside.

-A straight man who like women, and a straight woman who like men.

-By American Indian culture I was a Two Spirit person.

-At least that was my conclusion at that time.

So in 2013 I started this site to keep track of the mind and physical processes of transforming from man to woman, which was my goal at that time. But by then I’ve already lived as a man for 50 years, had married a woman and together we formed a family, so it wasn’t so simple as to “come out” and divorce, leaving behind a family to pursue a dream of being a woman. Besides, the possibilities for Sex Change Surgery are very slim at the age of 50, and even the use of female hormones is not recommended because of the health risks involved.

So it was a four years mind battle to preserve a dream (Transitioning to become a woman) while trying to accept the truth (I cannot Transition because of my age). In that time I questioned everything, explored possibilities, tried to create a more female-like look and dated some men, all while keeping everything a secret. I even acquired Fibromyalgia Syndrome because of all the stress during that time!

So in 2017, and after a break up with a man with whom I had a hidden relationship I simply was too depressive to continue. What was the point? I would never be a woman and everything has been bad up to that point. Better continue living as a man and forget about everything! So I abandoned this site and everything else.

But after a couple of months, and since I am also a Nudist, I went back to the nudists site. It was there where I found encouragement from friends to continue fighting to become the woman I am inside, even if it could be only in a “Part Time” basis.

For that reason I’ve decided to restart this site, although this time in a more simplified way. Now not so much about becoming a Post-Operation Transgender Woman, but rather more in the intention of cultivating the inner feelings as a personal treasure.

So throughout this site I’ll be talking mostly about the Psychological and Societal implications of being a Transgender, together with uploading pictures to show how a Transgender woman looks like. And if you find somehow weird my way of talking please don’t be surprised, together with being English my second language I also have Asperger’s Syndrome, so I am “naturally” weird, LOL

Hope you like the way this site is going to be and take the time to visit often.



First Post?

For people visiting this site again it may seem strange what happened here. This is not the site they where used to see. Where are the hundred of posts? the thousand of pictures? And even the several videos? The short answer is simple: I decided to restart the site.

But the long answer is a lot more complicated than that, so I will explain in detail in the next posts, together with why I abandoned this site in 2017 (after 4 years), what motivated me to come back, and why I decided to start from scratch.

Now, starting from scratch means I have many changes planned for this site, and considering I am not a techie person, it will take me a while to get everything up and running smoothly. I want to make this site simpler but more interactive.

So if you visit me here often you will see changes, improvements and new posts and pictures every day. Hope you like the new site!