It Runs!!

503 2017-06-29 162 01 Psychology and Mind It Runs!!


Reading my last post I can say, yes, I was down! My brother and I. Mostly because of not seeing a way out after a couple of years with the syndrome (Fibromyalgia). Like if everything tried didn’t work more because of a curse rather than a logic path of occurrences (you cannot explain logic to someone falling a cliff!). Well…things haven’t improved in the financial area in this past week, but I guess the mood can change anyway, so back to the drawing board!

Taken from the excitement of trying to start an engine that hasn’t run for several years, to the point when it finally starts and come back to life in a cloud of smoke and random explosions. “It runs!!” Details, like a smooth operation and without smoke and oil drips can be worked out as time goes by. The ups and downs of life could we say.

So after much thinking on what we both want (my brother and I), a general idea together with some representative pictures have emerged. Now we have a better image of what to pursue, both in the physical and the material aspects. Not that we will achieve everything we want, but it is good to have a better idea rather than just different, disconnected thoughts. Having more specific goals to pursue. It does feel better!

For my brother, remain married, but reaching the point of more freedom to travel to remote places and camp on his own, since she doesn’t want to do that; together with dedicating more time to build his career rather than spending most of his time in stand by for his family. At the same time, taking the risks of having a double life, which includes the possibility of surgeries, to give me the opportunity to live physical life “Part Time”. If we reach that point (surgeries) he will have to be very careful not to be seen naked for the longest amount of time possible, so nobody will know he doesn’t have male genitals anymore. And I say for the longest amount of time possible since in reality it seems almost impossible to keep a secret like that forever.

For me, working on transforming this physical body into a more female shape, together with the corresponding mind training to achieve a passable and believable woman; at the same time of using my share in physical life to contribute to my brother’s works and secret. I will not be a full time woman, but I will have enough time to enjoy physical life, and with a more female-like body.

Nothing is written in stone. Things can always change. But at least now we both have a better idea of what could be a path to follow that will gives us what we want, without taking or limiting the other. A good reason to smile again! :)