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When I published the post “Leaving” (2016-12-12) telling you that I would close this blog, I also mentioned I became just 2 posts shy of 500.

Isn’t that a big number for a “non-profit” blogger? I mean, most blogger who don’t publish with the intention of making money usually abandon their blogs after just a couple of months of writing, which means rarely reach 500 posts. I started in 2013-03-15; so now I reach more than 4 years, 500 posts, thousands of pictures, and not a single cent made in the process! LOL

But this blog is not about making money, and you can see that in the fact that there are no publicity banners anywhere in this blog. I don’t even know if they generate any money to bloggers, but I never place any of them in this blog because I wanted to create a “quiet” place for people to read, without any nasty distractions as it is in other blogs; at least that’s how it seems to me, especially when I visit those other blogs.

So post number 500 it is! I guess like a fresh start, especially considering that at some point I decided to abandon the idea of living in physical life, just to return a couple of months later with the resolution of finding a way to make it happen anyway, even if it is part time only and without legal identity.

Starting all over again; well, not all over. After so many posts where I talked about what is to be a Two Spirits person, the psychological part of the processes in the human brain, the struggles in today’s society for transsexual people, the infinite number of details to consider when transitioning, and even when just dressing up for one day, and so many more things, today I feel I have a better base from which analyze what can be done and how, and it seems that would be the base for the next couple of posts.


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I know this is a very personal blog, but I still hope it can be of any help to people who might be in similar conditions to mine; I know when searching the net at first, I didn’t find any blog or information on how it feels, what it feels, what are the internal (mind) problems that have to be faced when discovering there is a duality in one’s feelings and desires. There is plenty of information on how to dress up, how to use make up, how to walk, and even how to cultivate a female voice, but I didn’t find any information in the how and why, together with analysis of the human mind in today’s society. So I hope I can contribute a little bit to the big but incomplete pool of information out there.

Hey! I passed the half a million visitor some time ago, so that’s a reason for me to be very happy! :)

So I’ll keep posting about how the human mind works in situations of transsexualism, and the struggles married men face when confronted to their own inner thoughts and feelings in their lives, when they discover late in life (and marriage) they are Transsexuals, Two Spirits, or even Gay. Obviously I can only have a vague idea of what it might be the other way around, when it is women discovering they are a man inside or Lesbians, so in that area my observations and analysis are more superficial.

If you have any comments or suggestions to make, please feel free to contact me through the Contact Page. So far I don’t have the comments option in every post since, honestly, I have no clue on how to activate it!

Hope you have a wonderful day, and will see you in the next post, where I’ll resume telling you about my “sinister” plans to take my brother’s body (part time) to be and experience physical life again.