As a Woman

The kind of woman I dream of becoming.

Nice body proportions; nice breasts; a beautiful body and face.






The kind of woman I think I’ll becoming.

A squared body; just a common woman with a more male-like face.






The kind of woman I fear I’ll becoming

A body out of feminine proportions; a man’s face; an old woman!





Perhaps it is my own excessive requirements to meet when it comes to become a woman that gives me so much doubts; maybe it is a real fear based on my male body proportions that could never be changed; or maybe just the lack of knowledge on what female hormones and Orchiectomy can do in my favor in my body; I don’t know. The thing is, I have so many doubts on making a decision to pursue the sex change and a new life as a woman.

I’ve collected thousands of pictures of beautiful women; older women; small breasts; ugly women, and so on. All in the attempt to see what I could become. I need references of what it could be for real and not just my own dreams and desires. I’ve seen so many Tgirls who live as women yet don’t look like one; and with it can be desirable only to men looking for a man with a cock and female clothes on. I don’t want that!

If I go ahead in the complete change of body and life; dragging with it hurting the lives of my loved ones; then I have to be sure it’ll be worth all the caused pain to others and all the hard work and expenses in my own life. So the need to explore all the possible outcomes of a sex change. The mind, the body, the works, the expenses, to what end, for what result, and maybe more important, will it be worth hurting others for those results!