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Winter Trip 2

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As promised, here are more pictures of the Winter Trip my lover and I did some days ago. In that trip my lover took some pictures of me having fun with the snowy place and the quietness all around.

As you can see in the pictures, I really enjoyed being naked in nature; although it was a little cold for my taste with 19 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius!!), and the short jacket did help to feel a little warmer, even if I had it rolled up in my back.


406   2016-01-28    70  04 Trips and Adventures                 Winter Trip 2 (2)

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We had fun in the snow and the solitude of the mountains. And a lot of pictures and videos were taken that day, so I could use them in future posts, as time goes by.

Sure, I am not a very attractive woman, but I did have fun and felt a complete woman by being myself in the quietness of the mountains; something I don’t have the chance to experience at the city while surrounded by people.


406   2016-01-28    70  04 Trips and Adventures                 Winter Trip 2 (4)

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Hope you like the pictures, and I will try to come up with stories to go with the other pictures I have, which I will be posting as time goes by.





405   2016-01-25  109  01 Psychology and Mind                  Picture


Well…yes. This is me.

With my stubborn extra pounds in the middle section and face. I am not a supermodel, that’s for sure! Not even close to some Tgirls in the dating sites I have profiles in.

Hey, I’ve seen some Tgirls in those sites that are so beautiful and sexy, that I even get Lesbian feelings!! LOL

So this is me. With an ass that cannot be penetrated without lots of pain. With the impossibility of deep throat, and with Fibromyalgia that reduces my flexibility; keeps me in pain and gives me short breath…all elements that reduce my possible doings in bed while having sex.

I am not a bedroom goddess!

In this picture I tried to look sexy, but I think I got something different. I believe this picture shows more of who I am, rather than a highly sexual girl I am not.

I think this picture shows my feelings of care; my intentions of pleasing and give happiness, more than hot sex in a one night stand. To me, this picture shows a possible friend, rather than a possible great fuck.

But again, that’s my personal opinion.

What do you think this picture shows? What kind of woman do you see? I know, a crazy woman half naked in the cold of snow. But beside that, what would you imagine this woman is when looking at this picture?




Cold Temps



Now that we are in winter time and the temperatures are so low, my place has become hard to keep warm enough for nudity, so when working on cars I have to use clothes (damn it!!).

I can’t wait for summer again, so to enjoy nudity all the time, even when working on cars.

As you can see in these pictures, I am not really an attractive Tgirl, so my nudity when working is not about beauty but comfort. In these pictures I don’t even have any make up on me, so I look as I am.

Now, although the area where normally car manufacturers place the fuse box suppose to be at easy reach, it really has nothing to do with comfort!! You can see in the picture below how difficult is to reach those stupid fuses!! LOL




Many people have asked me through letters why I work on cars while being naked, and if I really work on cars naked, or if I just pose for pictures and then get clothes to keep working.

The answer is yes, I do work naked on cars. It is not about being naked when working on cars; it is about being naked all the times, and when the time comes to work on cars, I simply remain naked. I am naked when working on cars; when writing posts; when reading a book; when exercising in a mill machine or on a floor mat; I am naked when cooking and eating, and even when my lover visits me; well, the last one with even more reason!! LOL

I just enjoy nudity because I don’t have clothes limiting my movements or bugging me in my skin. I also enjoy nudity because it gives me a feeling of freedom; It feels like being nude I can be a woman in my body like I am inside my mind; and it feels like I can leave society aside and be just a real human being, another example of the human specie, rather than a citizen of a society. I guess I would need a whole post just to explain this!!


404   2016-01-21    29  03 Clothes and Accessories             Cold Temps (3)


The thing is, I am a nudist and try to enjoy nudity any time I can. So when it comes to work on cars, I just remain nude the same. It has nothing to do with sex. It is being a true nudist.

I’ve been invited by guys to spend time enjoying nudity in Nature, but I reject those invitations because I know they are not really nudist, so what they want is an opportunity to have sex. They say they too enjoy nudity, but I know they are not true nudists.

Hope I clarified some doubts with this post.




Winter Trip

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A day trip to the mountains. Winter time. Cold!!

Stopping at the top of the pass to take a little break from the driving and have a chance to look at the beautiful scenery of a snowed terrain.

But also a brief moment to pose in my most sexiest look as you can see in the picture above (yes, that’s the best I can get!!). Well yes, I am not the most attractive Tgirl in the world, but I do care when with a man in bed, so I guess that makes me sweeter that attractive, LOL

So then continue the trip, just to briefly stop at the For Sale sign to get a flier, with the intention of learning the cost of a property in the area. Big mistake!!


403   2016-01-18    69  04 Trips and Adventures                 Winter Trip (2)


I thought the snow wasn’t too high, and so I got in trouble when stepping in about a foot of smooth snow. My short boots were not high enough, and after balancing to avoid falling in the snow I had to get back to my car to remove the snow from inside my boots, where my barefoot was starting to freeze!!


403   2016-01-18    69  04 Trips and Adventures                 Winter Trip (3)


After removing the snow from inside the boots I continued driving barefoot to get the most heat from the heater, while the boots were drying out on the floor by the side where my feet were.

Once at the mountain destination, which was my lover’s property, we had fun with taking some pictures and videos. Again me trying to pose sexy (I never learn!!) yet still having fun pretending I was modeling (a female feature?).


403   2016-01-18    69  04 Trips and Adventures                 Winter Trip (4)


By the time the sun was falling again in the winter afternoon, we started the return to civilization, with me driving naked for a while. I so much love driving naked, but don’t have the chance to do that in the city (duh!!)

Still, it feels so comfortable for me to be naked also when driving, as you can see in the picture below.


403   2016-01-18    69  04 Trips and Adventures                 Winter Trip (5)


It was a wonderful day escaping the city and our complicated lives (my lover’s and mine), and we obtained a good amount of pictures and memories of playing together in the cold and the snow like two children that also share sex and lust.

In future posts I will be sharing those pictures with you, some of them with the stories related, and some created.




Around the Corner

402   2016-01-14    68  04 Trips and Adventures                 Around the Corner


Just passed New Year. Celebrations are over. We are now in 2016.

It seems so distant the time I first walked a park, dressing at that moment my brother’s clothes and no wig or make up; but instead pretending to be him, and with the only intention of experiencing physical life for the first time.

So distant in time, yet looking back I’ve used his body so many times to enjoy nudity as myself.

Now I look at the future not knowing what will happen, and having just plans, projects and dreams.

The future…

So distant ahead in time, yet then it happens to be really just around the corner of life, isn’t it?