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It was the first time my lover and I went on a road trip to the mountains with an overnight stay. We had gone before a couple of times, but just for the day. We so much wanted to spend more time alone while enjoying nature, and have the chance to sleep together all night rather than just for a couple of hours in day time, as we usually do.

Although I prefer to plan things ahead with enough anticipation so to avoid any problems, this trip sort of just happened out of the blue, with no more than two days in front.

We left on a Friday morning in his vehicle, carrying enough stuff for a two days stay at his property in the mountains, and the happiness of finally having a longer time to spend together!

In the couple of times we had traveled together alone the two of us, I had been seating in the passenger seat with my blouse unbuttoned, so my lover could see my breasts. What happens is that I believe a woman should be sort of “erotic” for her lover, as a way to show her love for him.


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You might think I am a woman who promotes the old fashion ways of society, where the man is king while the woman is just property of the man, to serve him and be there for his pleasure. Wrong!!

What I believe is that we all, no matter how advance society might be (technologically), we are still bound by our animal instincts that helped us survive as a specie when we were just cave men.

This means that, even though today men and women are considered equal (and I firmly support that motion!), still we have those instincts that somehow (big how!!) control our thoughts and emotions (specially the last). If that is the case, then women still want to be attractive to men, and men like to watch and have an attractive and very sexual woman. We can still see this in modern society.


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The thing is, and while keeping this in consideration, I like to be sexually attractive for my lover, so he can enjoy having a “more than usual” sexual woman, and so I play erotic games for him, especially when he is driving and I am in the passenger seat.

You can see in the first two pictures how I like to travel for him, so he can glance anytime and see there is a woman there by his side that likes to have sex with him! And if a man driving in the opposite direction in another car happens to see me, that only adds to the excitement for my lover, that other men can see me (and maybe even desire me), but only he can touch and have!

The third picture is how I was holding some wild flowers my lover gave me in the stop we did, and where we took the first two pictures (I ride with seat belt locked!).


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Along the way we found some Buffaloes; so we stopped and my lover took some pictures to them; and a couple to me too. I don’t know if he was tempted by my naked breasts, or if he just confused me with a buffalo! (Hey! I am overweight, but not THAT much!! LOL).

As you can see in the pictures, at first I just took a look by standing in the vehicle, but then decided to go closer, so to have a better view of those magnificent animals.


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After arriving to his property, while he was unloading the vehicle, I did what I usually do: go walking naked to see the wonderful views all around, while enjoying the sun and the breeze in my skin. There is really nothing that compares to be completely naked in nature, enjoying a summer day in the body! Since my lover’s property is in a fairly secluded place (other houses are at a great distance), it is possible to walk around naked without being disturbed, or anybody feeling offended.

Later, when the sun begun to set for the day, I got some of my clothes in me because, as you know, in nature temperature drops faster and deeper that in a city. So with just a shirt and my short skirt I challenged the falling ambient temperature, but just to my loss, because at some point I had no choice but to warm up myself by the fire he lighted for us, to spend more time together in the outdoor.

At some point my butt was freezing, so decided to let it receive the nice heat from the flame in a more straightforward way, LOL


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Later we just seated in front of the fire and let the night fall over us, while we enjoyed a nice conversation with some beers and cookies!

The skies were simply amazing with the so intense colors combined with the clouds! It just seemed as if there was a big fire in the sky!! So beautiful!!


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Then we both were too exhausted to remain up, and both were also too horny to keep waiting for the bed time to get started!! So we headed for the bedroom and got naked inside the bed, hugging together while touching whatever skin we could reach, and kissing sweetly and deeply, as our feelings dictated.

By the time we woke up it was already morning, and the sunshine outside was calling to enjoy the outdoors once again! So I took a quick glance thru the window to what the mountain had to offer, while my lover took a quick picture of me, from the end he uses to play with his cock!! LOL


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Breakfast by the kitchen, and the time for me to take a longer look to a glass bottle the night before we thrown into the fire; I am still amazed at how the glass simply melted under the heat of the fire! The result was just a formless mass of easily breakable, stained glass. Interesting experiment!!


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Then, while my lover was preparing everything for the return to Denver, I just had to go out and enjoy the last moments of nudity in the outdoors. A brief moment to take a better look to those beautiful wild flowers, and the chance once more to feel the breeze in my skin, before everything would turn grey again, at the concrete of the city.


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By the time everything was ready for the return, I posed briefly for my lover, so he could take the last picture of the trip; or at least the last with me completely naked! (I know, I look dumb in the picture! LOL).


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So finally, after so many times dreaming of doing it, we went to the mountains and spent the night together! It took us probably half a year to make it happen, but it finally happened!

Two escapees from their public lives with gone wrong marriages, and that cannot just dissolve in thin air the pyramids built, so had no option but to find an excuse to disappear for a brief moment, where they can find each other to enjoy their love in the shadows of the city, or the solitude of a beautiful mountain.

So now it is about planning the next trip, and hopefully it’ll be for more than just one night!!



Ants Attack!!

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A couple of days ago I had a new laser session. This time it was my face, chest and shoulders.

Usually when I go to a laser session I end up with a very reddish skin, and marks like if I was attacked by a legion of ants!! This time it was no different from before, and as you can see in the pictures, my skin really looked very sad!!

That is OK though, since it is a normal process from the laser procedure, and the marks disappear, while the reddish skin returns to normal just after a couple of days. But in the meantime, the skip feels very hot to the touch, and usually there is a lot of itching in some areas.


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For controlling the symptoms after the laser session, what have proved to work best in my specific case is the use of Aloe gel that, together with moisturizing the skin, it also sort of “cool” it down enough, so the itching doesn’t show up.

So with this post I just wanted to show you these pictures, and tell you about the symptoms and the typical progression that follows a laser session, in case you have been thinking of doing the same, yet don’t know what will happen (other than loosing your unwanted hair), you can get an idea and then you would not be taken by surprise with the after session happenings.


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Cock Sucker

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I know for many people, especially women, sucking a cock can be considered denigrating for the woman, pushing this “activity” into the field of Gay sex, Prostitution and Porn, rather than something couples would do as part of their love making.

Maybe it could be considered denigrating, mostly because in many instances it implies the man standing tall, while the woman is in her knees in front of him, dedicated to provide pleasure to the man. In other situations the man may be laying in bed in his back, in a sort of resting position, while she is all curled over his genitals, dedicated also to bring pleasure to the man. And there is the famous “69” position, which is dreamed all the time by men, yet also not very popular among women!

In any case, it is mostly she trying different things that can be of pleasure for the man, yet sometimes she even having trouble to breathe due to having a cock in her mouth, deep sometimes into her throat! In some occasions the man may get carried away and strongly trust his cock inside her mouth, creating even more problems for her to breathe while standing the moment, more with a feeling of being tortured, rather than being a part of a couple making love!!


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All this obviously leads to the perception that a woman has to self denigrate, positioning herself in a lower, servile attitude and position, in order to provide pleasure for the man, many times while she is not receiving any pleasure at all!

Yet it can have some magic!!

You see, a Transsexual Woman cannot avoid still having the male thoughts and feelings at some degree, and in my specific case, by being a Two Spirit person, sharing the brain with another spirit (my brother), I can access our shared memory banks and see and feel what my brother (as a man) wants, feels and desire from a woman, giving me the direct information of what I can do to pleasure a man.

For this reason I believe, I know what a man wants to receive sexually, and even I can have pleasure by doing that for him, while a born woman doesn’t have, thus doesn’t feel as a desire and pleasure, having only the perception of denigration, limiting what she can do and feel.


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While we, Transsexual Women have the problems of having to transform a whole human body in order to look like a woman, at the other hand we do have the “advantage” of still having a male part in our minds that provides us with information on what can be of pleasure to a man sexually, thus giving us the possibility of giving him careful pleasure in his cock.

The same happens when it is a Transsexual Man.   When a woman feels and wants to be a man, he can better understand how delicate female breasts can be, and so would not be hard on his lover’s breasts, but rather gentle and caring, as a woman wants but seldom receive from men!

So for a Transsexual Woman, by being part man in her mind, we know what a man wants to be done to his cock, and so are more willing to give it to him since we know how much pleasure he can receive; which also brings us pleasure by not having feelings of denigration or servile attitude, but free from taboos, and just desires of sexual pleasuring.


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All this means, I believe we, Transsexual Women, can be a lot better “cock suckers” than female women (other than prostitutes and porn actresses), giving us an advantage over women when it comes to sexually pleasure our men, perhaps to compensate a little for not having our “dreamed” pussy, so to feel as a complete woman, and be able to have “normal” sex with a man.

I believe we, Transsexual Women, can be better cock suckers, and also enjoy it;  more than just the pleasure of cock sucking, but even desiring to suck a cock!!

I personally find cocks attractive and desirable, and can get really horny by just the thought of sucking them; and definitely love to do it, not just to pleasure my lover, but because I also receive lots of pleasure when doing it!!


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Probably many people reading this will classify me as a “slut” because of mentioning that I like to suck cock, but I just like to suck my lover’s cock and not someone else’s. I consider it more as a part of our love making, rather than a bad thing, or something “dirty”.

Still, it makes me sad that many women will not suck their lovers/husbands cocks, just because they don’t like it and have taboos about it, loosing with this both parts in the couple, denying to their partners a pleasure that is very important for a man, and loosing themselves the creation of a tighter connection with their couples.




Party Time!!

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Summer is here!!

While it used to be very rainy and with temperatures in the 60’s and 70’, now and suddenly temperatures went straight to the 90’s, with a strong sunshine and no rain at all, and from one day to the next!

This means summer nights are also here, and with it the night life at the city becomes ON.

So it is time for me to find a nice outfit to go out at night and have some fun! My lover and I have been going to a Gay bar and to a Transsexual lounge, and it has been great, but we have been limited by time and weather, which at least the last one is no more!

With nights in the 70’s, it is almost a must to start enjoying the night life as a way to relax from daily stress, and to perceive, at least in part, the benefits of having worked so much for so long (Hey! We might not be young, but we have earned our party time!! LOL)

So my outfit for the occasion could be something like in the picture above, or maybe a nice dress to look like a nice lady (me?!! A nice lady? LOL). Still, I will be searching for clothes (second hand stores) to try and get a nice wardrobe that can be used for party time.

As soon as I get some more clothes I’ll take some pictures to show you here how I look. But in the meantime…It’s Party Time! LOL




The PussyCock

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For someone like me who is a Two Spirit person, meaning by that there are two people (or spirits) in one body, and by being these two spirits a woman and a man, the problem of the wrong body exists. My brother is the owner of the body and for him it is the right one (male), but for me, by being a woman, when using my brother’s body I find myself in the wrong one!

So when I found this picture in the internet I thought it was funny, but at the same time got me thinking. What if at some point in the future will be possible to change the genitals by simply unscrewing the cock, leaving behind the hole for a pussy? Wouldn’t that be awesome?!! Just imagine how people like me could benefit from such technology. When my brother is using the body he would have the cock screwed up in place, and when I’m using the body I would just remove the cock and leave a pussy ready to play!!

I wish something like this would exist today, so I could have that important female part when being in physical life, while my brother also could have his genitals as a man when he is in physical life, instead of having to consider radical solutions like Sex Change Surgery, which allow only the benefits for one of the two spirit, but still leave the other with the wrong body, and this in a permanent way, without the possibility of reverting to the original situation, and all after spending a fortune!!

And this ingenious “PyssyCock” concept could be easily considered “Plug and Play”, don’t you think? LOL