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Winter is almost over! Weather is getting better to go out and enjoy nature completely naked!! I NEED A TAN!!!! LOL






It seems such a long time ago, yet it’s been just a year and a half!

My brother discovered I was inside his brain, and after a while analyzing the whole situation, he decided to do whatever he could to give me the opportunity to experience physical life.

That included not only separating time from his life to stop being among the living and let me use his body so for me to be alive, but also considered adapting it so I could use it as a female-like body. And that included shaving every part and completely, except for the head and the genitals.


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Now my brother doesn’t look like he used to, and it seems he will never look like a 100 percent man again due to al the adaptations he has been doing so far.

In some of these pictures I’m showing you my brother’s face, which is something I tried not to do in the past. The reason for doing this now is that somehow we both feel like it is closer the moment he would have to come forward and tell about being a Two Spirit person to his family, and tell them about my existence, so there is no point in trying to hide his identity so much now.




This also allows me to show you my brother’s face together with his body, which in my personal opinion better shows how an attractive man he used to be!! I think his wife must have a problem herself by not being attracted to play in bed with a man like him; but that is my personal opinion, and material for another post!! LOL

When I look at these pictures I feel a little sad for him because, in my personal opinion, he looked very attractive as a man, or at least I like hairy men, so for me he was a very attractive guy. I certainly would love to date and be in bed with a guy with a body, and especially a hairy body like that in these pictures!


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But he doesn’t look like that anymore, and although I am happy with the changes because they benefit me as a woman, I can’t but feel sad when looking at these pictures and seeing the sacrifices of a man that renounced to his own personal conveniences and desires to give me life and freedom, even though his attractive look is like that no more!




Laser Crash

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At the beginning of this month I had my second Laser Session to get rid of my beard (my brother’s beard). At that moment I mentioned my hopes with this procedure being done (Laser Hopes), and how happy I was with the results so far.

Well, not so much right now!

Just a couple of days ago, when the results of the second Session were looking pretty good, I decided to stop shaving for a couple of days to see how long it’ll take for the beard to grow back, and compare with what it was before the first Session.


313   2015-03-25    67   02 Physical Changes                       Laser Crash (2)


At one hand it was great to see that the beard grows back at about one third (1/3) of the original rate, which is great so far for just 2 Sessions (it will be 6 in total), and that my face now looks a lot lighter in color, without the grayish shadow it used to have.

But at the other hand, with the dark hair little by little going away, I was curious why I still had to shave everyday. So decided to stop shaving for 3 days and see what happened.

To my shocking surprise, I could see in the mirror that what was growing the most wasn’t dark hair, but very light grey hair!! There still could be seen the dark shadow of the original beard refusing to loose this battle against the Laser without a fight, but I could see also that so far the 2 Laser Sessions were definitely working.


313   2015-03-25    67   02 Physical Changes                       Laser Crash (3)


The problem with the grey hair showing and being the longest is that, the lady performing the treatment explained to me Laser only gets rid of dark hair, not grey hair. For grey hair it will be necessary to use something else: Electrolysis; which is a lot more expensive and slow process, mostly due to be done one hair at the time (can you imagine that?!!) and not by spots the size of a Nickel like Laser.

So it was a very frustrating moment for me to see in the mirror all that grey hair in my face, and know that it won’t go away with the laser treatments remaining; and that for a completely free of beard face I will have to go later to Electrolysis and spend even more money!!

Oh well!! I guess nothing ever comes easy, right? But I will keep trying and working towards a more complete feminization, to whatever farthest point I can reach, and I’ll keep you posted on how things develop.





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In a couple of occasions I’ve been told I have good, female-like legs, which intrigues me deeply.

You see, at one hand these legs pertain to a man’s body (my brother’s), so they suppose to be man’s legs, and at the other neither my brother nor I are very deeply inclined into physical training. My brother has been always more of the sedentary type (although never couch potato), and I do enjoy physical activities, but don’t have the chance to use my brother’s body enough to practice those activities. So the result is that “we” are not exactly in good shape!


312   2015-03-23    66   02 Physical Changes                       Legs (2)


And that includes the legs!!

Yet, for some reason, it seems “our” legs are to be considered as fairly attractive female legs. Of which I am very happy!!


312   2015-03-23    66   02 Physical Changes                       Legs (3)


So this seems to be another element that makes my brother question if he should have been born a female body with me “at the front”, being a woman who has some male tendencies (for him being at the back), rather than a man with a woman inside.

When trying to find pictures of my legs that show the shape they have, I selected these pictures were I am wearing clothes (such an oddity!! LOL), so it seems somehow easier to relate the legs to a woman, due to the unconscious association with the clothes shown in the pictures. But these really don’t show the whole shape, so I included one were I wasn’t wearing clothes too, so these pictures should work to give you an idea of what I am talking about.


312   2015-03-23    66   02 Physical Changes                       Legs (4)


In any case, just wanted to comment to you about this another element that makes my brother wonder; and me very happy!!




Single Again!!

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So everything changes from time to time. That’s the way it is and I am fine with that.

My boyfriend and I departed using our freedom in our relationship, so now we go separated ways. It was a beautiful experience while it lasted, but finally the differences in our personalities became bigger and stronger than all the good times together, so the lines in our lives became divergent, leading us to different paths.

It does feel sort of strange, I must admit. The memories of the times together, talking and laughing, having sometimes very sweet and delicate sex, while others strong, hot and sweaty sex, remain spinning in my head as beautiful memories; yet also the continuous precaution of not talking too deep concepts to avoid conflict also come to mind as a reminder of the accumulated reasons why finally we departed separate ways.


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Still, I do prefer to remember the beautiful times as the image of what that relationship was, while also retaining the reasons for departure, as a way to keep the balance at the decision of coming to an end.

It was me the one who said no more, while Sam sustained his reasons why to remain together, to then fall silent and away, I guess in a sort of accepting the decision as destiny, without any further questioning.


311   2015-03-20    37   05 Dates and Encounters               Single Again!! (3)


I hope Sam will find soon a Tgirl that will bring him all the things I couldn’t give to him, sexually and emotionally. I do understand that, even though I had the best intentions, the fact that I cannot be penetrated so to give him a more complete sexual relief, was one of the elements that kept me frustrated in my intentions of being a more complete female for him.

Another element that was against my will of providing Sam with the best possible sexual experience was the fact that my cock is too small and fragile to handle, limiting immensely the possibilities for Sam to have sexual parts in his partner to play with.


My small and fragile cock

311   2015-03-20    37   05 Dates and Encounters               Single Again!! (4)


In other words, I must accept that I am not a complete Tgirl, capable enough to provide a man with the best sexual experience possible. It is a sad thing for me to accept openly, but I try to be honest with you, the people who read and follow my blog, and my transformation from male to female.

Sam is a great sex partner; very delicate and sweet when the situation calls for it; and also a very strong and energetic sex partner when the moment for it arrives. And I must also mention his cock, which is one of the most beautiful; hard and strong I have seen and had the pleasure to play with! When Sam is aroused, his cock is very straight; hard and thick, which allows his sex partner to have a wonderful sex part to play with. Unfortunately I haven’t learned how to deep throat, so again, I couldn’t give Sam all the pleasure he could have received from a Tgirl!


Sam’s hard and strong cock!

311   2015-03-20    37   05 Dates and Encounters               Single Again!! (5)


So, since I have no hard feelings with Sam after our departure, let me tell you Sam (silversam23) is free now to meet new people, and he is a wonderful lover, with lots of energy and a very hard, thick and beautiful cock, and the energy levels of a 40 years old man, despite his actual age!! So if you were wondering and desiring him, feel free now to approach him and ask him if he would like to play; you never know!!

As for me, I guess the best I can do is to stop dating for a while, so to have time to “fix” myself and work in those feminization elements I haven’t had time yet to work on. Maybe in a couple of months I’ll be able to have the most important things down, and with it, become a better lover than what I was for Sam; who knows; time will tell!


311   2015-03-20    37   05 Dates and Encounters               Single Again!! (6)