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Parts for Sale

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For sale one set of cock and balls.

Cock is uncut and without any ring perforations, tattoos or marks of any kind
Balls are un-shaved and in perfect working order

Very little use throughout time, so in like almost new condition!!

Perfect for a Transsexual Man searching for this specific addition to his genitals!!

Make an offer!!

You pay for the extraction surgery!!

Interested please reply to this ad



Room Fix

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It was two crazy days!! I had only 48 hours to complete the task, so had no choice but to work all day and night until the plan was complete!!

My place was simply a mess!! I have been accumulating stuff everywhere because there was always something else to take there, and never time to do it in an organized way!! So the result was that, at some point, there was no room for more, and walking inside seemed like going inside a junk yard!! You can see in the first picture above the big mess I had on the floor!!

I needed to build two racks and classify all the stuff in them; then paint the floor and organize a small “studio” for my computers, together with a small gym for future use.

For this, I worked 22 hours in a row on a Tuesday; slept for two hours, and then went to keep working for another 21 hours, until everything was completed!!

First I made a big rack using 2×4, 8 feet long. Using a total of 23 pieces I finally got a rack 8 feet long and 8 feet high; having 5 shelves, strong enough to hold all kinds of automotive parts.


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Then, when trying to move it to its intended place, it fell over the parts accumulated on the floor, forcing me to lift it a second time; something I really wasn’t very happy to do!!

Still, after a lot of efforts and taking several breaks due to my breath getting too short, I finally got it in the right place, so was able to start loading up parts in it, cleaning up the floor from so much stuff accumulated!!

That allowed me to organize my little “studio”, so I have now a more comfortable place to write posts and edit pictures!!


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Then I made a rack to set over the work bench, and to store the bicycles there, so they wouldn’t be taking space on the floor, while leaving me a work area that I’m planning to use when working in my cars.

I was so very tired!! And also very stressed out with the nerves of trying to complete everything in just two days (my available time), that I almost had a fight with my boyfriend!! We ended up separate ways for a couple of days, but now we are back again and laughing at the whole thing.

So now I can finally walk inside and find everything I have there!! Now it is about doing the final, little details, and then everything will be perfect!! Obviously I’ll do that while I’m using the place, so it’ll take a while to get finished; but at least now I’ll be able to use my place more efficiently!! Even more, being able to use it at all!! LOL





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Why oh, why oh, why??!!! My brother married a Taurus girl, and when it comes to understand each other they are worlds apart!! She is a Taurus, and if you check what the personality of a Taurus is, you can get an idea how she is.

At the other hand, my brother is a Cancer, which means his personality (and mine) is completely different from her!

Now, my brother was deeply in love with this girl, so he didn’t pay attention to the differences and went to marry her anyway. The result has been disastrous!! Financially they are doing fine, and they have managed to create a family that, from the outside looks nice and cool, yet they live in loneliness because they cannot understand each other!! Obviously with this sex became a thing of the past like 20 years ago, so they don’t touch each other anymore and for a loooong time!!

One of the reasons my brother is willing to give me his body permanently is that, instead of me being in the back of the brain and he living physical life, by me having the body full time, I will be living physical life while he can “retire” to the back of the brain and forget about all the frustrations in his married life and trying to fit in a society that doesn’t allow Aspies to participate.

He has noticed that I am different that him in that I am more “aggressive” in doing things in physical life and fighting for my side when problems arise, so even though I am not “experienced” in physical life, he feels I am more prepared to deal with it, and by using his memories and experience from his past, I should be in good shape to strive and grow in society; plus, I am free, with no marriage to deal with!!


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But I have a lover!! He is very sweet, very nice; a wonderful lover in bed!! A very caring man and someone that can be a very nice friend to have…but he is Taurus!!

So we are back to square one!! My brother and his Taurus wife could never get to understand each other and agree on things; and now I have a Taurus lover!!

I already sent him a letter after a fight I had with him because of his doings. He said he will not read any letters until we talk in person first…face to face. I said I will not talk in person until he reads and answer my letter. I guess then it’s over!!

My brother thinks I am more of a fighter than him, and he is right!! Unlike him, I prefer to loose my love and remain the rest of my life alone, rather than get trapped like him in a relationship that is not fulfilling but rather choking!!

We’ll see what happens; for now I just keep working on completing my place so I can use it more efficiently (I’ll tell you about that in another post), and waiting to see what happens with my Taurus love!!

I’ll let you know what happened in future posts.