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Sex Day!

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A couple of days ago my boyfriend and I went in a day trip to the mountains. Boy we had fun!!

It was so nice to spend a couple of hours while driving to the mountains, talking and getting to know each other more deeply (as persons, not in a sexual way!!), and being able to openly talk about what we prefer in bed, and sharing with each other our memories of past encounters with other people; and it was also very nice getting to enjoy the view of so many beautiful trees with an intense yellow color, announcing the beginning of Fall, and a prelude to Winter.


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But for this trip, although we did take my kayak and other gear along with us, the main reason was to have sex…all we could get! And we did get it!! In his car; by his car; in the open; in a bed; back at my place…consider the sex of twenty years marriage in one day! I was in awe at my boyfriend’s energy, and how his cock was hard all day long!! (Good for me!!, LOL)

You can see in the picture above how I was trying to tempt my boyfriend while bending over in his car, and to my good luck, after taking the picture, he came from behind and gave me a really good fuck! He held me from my hips while fucking me hard…and I was in heaven!!


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My boyfriend is really a stud!! But also he is so sweet and caring! He takes the time; he covers me with kisses, and his hands sweetly run all over my body, making me experience Heaven! It is more than just hard sex (which we do have, and a lot! Yummy!!), but also it is sensuality and teasing, care and sweetness, all the ingredients to feel more than just sexual relief, but also feel loved and cared for!

As you can see, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of sucking his cock and playing with it!

I love you Sam!!


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And as you can see in the pictures, the only thing we need to have sex is to be alone the two of us, so we can dedicate to each other and enjoy physical life and all it has to offer!

We are not supermodels, we are not young and pretty, and not even regular shape and look. I would say none of us is attractive by society standards, but we don’t need any of that to give and find pleasure in each other’s bodies. We have, we care and we love each other, and that’s more than enough to find us mutually attractive and desirable enough to have hot and sweaty sex with each other!

Sam insist in that he finds me attractive just the way I am, and he proves it by giving me sexual pleasure like no other man has done before! You can see in the picture below I was really having fun at that moment! LOL


242   2014-09-29    47   04 Trips and Adventures                 Sex Day (5)


Still, I do want to continue to improve my look, so we can be seen together and my love can feel proud of the woman he is being seen with. Not only with clothes, but even naked I want to look better, so if someone happens to see us by the lake, and I’m naked while doing things with Sam, people would think my lover is a lucky guy! I want Sam to feel very lucky of being with me!!

The picture below shows you how I look right now; and as you can see, there was a little breeze complicating things with my hair for the picture, LOL


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After camping for a while in that area, we went to the lake to have fun there to, although it was already a little late and the sun was getting ready to set, so it was mostly to admire the view and keep spending time together talking.

The fun thing is that in the way to there, the road was a little rough, so my boobs were jumping with the car’s movement. In the picture you can’t appreciate the movement, but it was fun for me to feel it, and for Sam to see it! LOL

Although the picture below is a little blurry, you can see the hickies Sam gave me while licking and sucking my breasts. Now I have those hickies to see them and remember the pleasure I felt at that moment, LOL


242   2014-09-29    47   04 Trips and Adventures                 Sex Day (7)


So we did have sex; we did have a picnic together, and we traveled back to Denver talking and laughing even more, just to have more sex back at my place! It was 14 hours together that felt like 5 minutes! So now is about to plan another trip to continue having fun together, and enjoying our lives while celebrating life by being in love! (and maybe this time use the kayak, LOL)


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My Ass Hole

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It is so upsetting! I so much want to be fucked in my ass hole, so to feel what it is and see if I really like it, yet my hole doesn’t open up enough for my boyfriend’s cock. True, he has a thick cock and I have never been penetrated before, so this is really two opposites trying to meet, but even though he has been very gentle and patient, still my hole hasn’t opened enough for him to enter me.

So far when I try with my toys, only the vibrating one can open my hole enough for the toy to enter, and it even can get a depth similar to my lover’s cock length, but without vibration my hole just doesn’t open up enough.


241   2014-09-26    48   02 Physical Changes                        My Ass Hole (2)


The other problem is the feeling of burning inside, like if I had a piece of lighted charcoal in there! I don’t know why that is, and why it feels like burning. I’ve tried using a condom in my toy and the burning feeling is greatly reduced, which makes me think that maybe my toy is made out of a material to which my insides are sort of allergic to.

Another problem is the feeling of having a big piece of shit inside, and the body desire to expel it, like wanting to run to the toilet because a big shit is coming! If it wasn’t so frustrating it’ll be really funny! I know you are laughing!!!


241   2014-09-26    48   02 Physical Changes                        My Ass Hole (3)


So I guess the need to be very clean inside by using an enema is not just because of the ugly aspect of penetrating an ass, but also to know those feeling of wanting to shit are just natural body reactions, and not real shit inside wanting to come out.

I read on the internet that being penetrated sort of trigger the bodily function of evacuating, so I now believe it is just like when trying to deep throat a cock, and having the gag reaction of expelling the “foreign object”


241   2014-09-26    48   02 Physical Changes                        My Ass Hole (4)


Maybe in both cases it is necessary to get the body used to the new “activity” before any pleasure can be obtained from doing them, which means trying until it can be done, and then keep practicing until finally pleasure is felt, rather than discomfort, pain and perplexity.

I shall keep practicing!!




Nylon or Naked

240   2014-09 23    48   01 Psychology and Mind                  Nylon or Naked (1)


For what I’ve had the chance to see in OutPersonals, most of the guys who are searching for a T girl want to see her in nylon and “complex” lingerie; and most of the T girls and Crossdressers like to use it. There is nothing wrong with that, but I’m just not attracted to use it myself.

(Note – The top picture is Strapon6 in case you want to check her profile…she is a gorgeous T girl!)

It seems to me, for them a T girl or Crossdresser using lingerie looks more “female” and sexy, but I have to question why that kind of lingerie makes them look more female and sexy, if nowadays women simply don’t use it!

For what I can see around when walking any street, a park or any public space where men and women dress in their everyday clothes, women just wear simple clothes. And even when looking at people in a fancy restaurant at a special occasion, still women dress more elegant clothes, yet don’t seem to wear all the fancy lingerie used by T girls and Crossdressers.


240   2014-09 23    48   01 Psychology and Mind                  Nylon or Naked (2)


What I see around is when women want to look sexy, they wear small clothes that allow to see more skin. I’m talking about looking sexy and not necessarily beautiful or elegant!

To me it looks like the concept of wearing lingerie as a way to obtain a sexy look is more a slow to die custom that comes from the fifties, when long dresses and more pieces were worn, while lingerie were pieces of intimate clothes used at that time. So having a look at that very hidden pieces of clothing was a sign of intimacy and a prelude to sex! You could only see the lingerie of a woman when you were going to have sex with her, or when she was an exotic dancer of those times. Maybe that’s why sexy ads from the fifties presented a woman “accidentally” showing her lingerie, giving a “forbidden” peak at her underwear.


240   2014-09 23    48   01 Psychology and Mind                  Nylon or Naked (3)


When I try to look sexy, I take a look at what’s in the streets and in publicity ads from today, and I can’t find that sophisticated lingerie that can be seen in T girls and Crossdressers in OP. By the opposite, it is the lack of clothes what seems to be more attractive nowadays, and showing naked skin the trend to be in place.

For that reason I am not attracted to wear all that sophisticated lingerie, and there is no reason for me to shop for “underwear” in a Crossdressers store; instead, any place like Sears, JCPenny and Target will have what is considered sexy to wear these days; and if I go to second hand stores, a little searching will give me plenty of clothing at a very small price, specially compared to any Crossdressers store!

It is nice and cheaper for me, but I’m still intrigued by why sophisticated lingerie seems to be considered sexier in OutPersonals!




Sexual Fantasy 2

239   2014-09-19    46   04 Trips and Adventures                 Sexual Fantasy 2 (1)


I can’t deny one of the things that turn me on is if my lover show pictures of me naked to his friends!! And even more…if he wants me to be naked in front of his friends!!

I fantasize like this: My lover and I meet with his friends in our place, and then he start talking about how he liked when I am completely naked when we do activities together. Then he asks me to get naked, so his friends can see my body. I get naked in front of everyone and smile.

Then my lover tells his friends how smooth and nice to the touch is my butt and my body, and tells them to try! So they start touching me everywhere, and I just remain still for them! My heart is pounding hard, but it feels really nice having so many hands in my body, and watching my lover start touching his cock while enjoying the view!


239   2014-09-19    46   04 Trips and Adventures                 Sexual Fantasy 2 (2)


His friends keep touching all my body, and even licking and sucking my breasts, and I can feel some fingers trying to get a little further! Seeing this, my lover tells them they can fuck me if they want, and then turns to me and tells me to bend over on top of the table, so to give them my ass.

I comply and go to the table, bend over, lay my head on my arms like resting, and smile, waiting for them to use me while my lover is watching everything! One of his friends walks to get behind me, pull his pants down exposing a nice cock, and then go for my butt to reach my ass hole with his fingers. He touches and penetrates me for a moment, to then start licking and tongue fuck me.


239   2014-09-19    46   04 Trips and Adventures                 Sexual Fantasy 2 (3)


He puts on some lube from the bottle my lover left on the table before his friends arrived (to my surprise and confusion at that time), and go straight for my hole! He pushes slowly until his whole cock is inside me, to then start fucking me, slowly at first, but then faster and stronger, while my lover is watching and masturbating!

I see he is enjoying the show of live porn in front of him, and I smile, happy that I can give him a moment of pleasure by giving up my body to his friends, to use me for their pleasure!

Like I said, this is just a fantasy, because if my lover asks me to do this, I would answer: “WHAT?!!” LOL




OutPersonals Blog

238   2014-09-16    24   07 All Others                                    OutPersonals Blog (1)


Now anyone can see my OutPersonals blog! I just set it to public view, so it seem someone without a membership in OP still can see the blog if using the right URL address…I hope!!

You can give it a try at:

There is not much difference with this blog, except that I publish “delayed”. What it means is that most of the posts in OutPersonals are the same as here, but they are going about two or three posts behind this blog., so if you want to see the latest I publish, then you better stick with this one.

Sometimes I publish something only here and not in OutPersonals, and some times only there and not here. The reason is by the content in the post, when is only related to one area and not the other. For example, I published a poll in OP about preferences in fucking a hairy or smooth butt, but didn’t publish that here, and what happens is that over there guys are about fucking, so can omit an opinion in something they are directly involved in, while here is mostly about reading the sort of chronicles of a male to female change.

At the other hand, this post is not going to be in OutPersonals; otherwise they could cancel my membership! LOL

Still, I’m letting you know about the changes in preferences on where my blog in OP is available, so if you want to take a look there, now you have the URL address.