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I am such a slutty girl!

By now I’ve been in bed a couple of times with Sam, and he is such an amazing lover! Yet I keep dating other guys, just to find out later in bed they are not what they promised.

One of the reasons is that we are in a sort of open relationship, although we don’t really have a relationship, or at least not in the sense of telling each other we have become a couple, so we stop searching.


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We just date when time allows for both of us, and usually it’s very difficult to find coincidental days when we both have the time to meet, so we get together very sporadically.

With that, we both give the other the opportunity to date other people when each one have the time and desire to do so. We don’t claim “property” over the other but instead give freedom to be, which I think is wonderful!


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So over a couple of years now I’ve been dating other men, trying to find the sweetness I search for when being in bed with a man to try to satisfy my sexual needs, yet so far it always ends up in a one night stand with no desires to repeat the frustrating encounter!

Then in between those encounters a new opportunity arrives to meet with Sam, and things turn around for the better!


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From the moment we meet, with a long and sweet kiss, to the moment we find each other naked in bed, the encounter becomes a wonderful one! Sam has such sweet ways to treat me, with loving touch in my whole body that I simply melt in his arms! He really sees me and treats me as the woman I am inside, completely disregarding my non-passable look, allowing me to be a woman for him in bed.

And for me, looking at his handsome, manly body; with a big and hard cock that calls me to play with it; make love; kiss and suck it; to enjoy massaging his whole naked body; to then kiss his sweet lips while moving like a snake under his body, when he is sweetly but strongly fucking me with his hard cock, full of energy…mmmmmmmmm…heaven!!


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I know I shouldn’t tell about Sam in my posts because then many guys in OutPersonals (the site Sam has his profile) might want to be with him, with me loosing my opportunities to be me the one he makes love to, but I feel I owe it to him since I really don’t have enough free time to be with him more often and be his only one to satisfy him sexually,

So I hope with these posts (here and in OutPersonals) people there will know there is a gem in OutPersonals that many might have overlooked in the past, and will contact him for sex, giving him the opportunity to have sex more often than what he would get with just me.

Those who search for his handle in OutPersonals: “silversam23” will know who is the man I consider the best lover I ever had!




Crazy Day!

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Yesterday was such a crazy day!

First I had sex with my lover, then, right after he left, I run to meet another prospective lover (let me finish before you start pointing your fingers at me!), then I went to the reservoir and tried my new kayak, to then have some time in the water trying to learn to swim…at 3 O’clock in the morning!

So let me go in order.

Hot and sweaty sex! That’s what it was. After he wrote to me that it was better if we stop seeing each other for a while (Falling), he wrote me again like a month ago, telling me he was going to have surgery, and telling me he still remembered me with love. I responded to his letter wishing him the best in his surgery, and after a couple of days I wrote to him again asking him how everything went. So he wrote me back telling me things were according to plan, and that he wanted to see me again!

I chose to meet at Cheesman Park instead of my place, to avoid going into sex again just like that, after he told me to stop seeing each other for a while…I’m not an easy girl…well…not like that! LOL

The thing is, I was so nervous about meeting again and saying the wrong words and going into sex again at once (which I eventually did anyway!), that at the last minute I asked Mauricio to go in my place.


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Obviously being Mauricio the one going, there was no need for make up, wig and female clothes, but just the way Mauricio dress everyday as a guy. So when he arrived at the meeting point, my lover didn’t recognize him until Mauricio approached him. He was very surprised, and kept calling him Angel and wanting to touch him and kiss him! Even though Mauricio was dressing as a man!

My brother explained him that he was a “Two Spirit” person, and that I (Angel) was his sister and a woman living with him in his brain. I guess for my lover it was sort of too much to absorb at once, and it took him a couple of days to really understand the whole thing; but it seems eventually did, and now he says he still see Mauricio’s body as me, no matter how the body is dress out, mostly because he met that body as Angel.

The thing is, by the end of the encounter Mauricio let me have his body so I could talk with my lover, which we didn’t; instead we kissed and I sucked his cock in the car, LOL

So the following meet was at my place (Mauricio’s warehouse), and I was waiting for my lover dressed as me, with the sole idea of having sex. And boy sex we had!!! It was really hot and sweaty, and also very sweet! He wrote me later that it was a long time he hadn’t sex like that, and for me it was the same!


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So we are back together again, after so many “interruptions” in our sexual affair. I don’t know for how long it’ll last, but I’m planning to enjoy it for whatever it lasts!

And that’s why I went to meet this other “prospect”. Having so many times being lovers on and off, before we went together again, I was already in contact with this other guy, so decided to go ahead and meet him, just in case this new one was the one.

After my lover left the warehouse, I run to the make up table Mauricio made for me (with lights and all!) and re-touched the make up, put on some clothes (I was naked when I waved bye to my lover at the door of the warehouse), and jumped into the car to drive to the meeting point. I was late with just about five minutes to get to a point about fifteen minutes away, so I was driving fast! And I got lost!!

I had to text the new guy to tell him I was lost and where I was. He texted me back telling me he was coming to where I was, so I just waited. He arrived a couple of minutes later and we talked in my car. He touched my legs and I opened my blouse so he could touch my breasts, and then I asked him to show me his cock, so he pulled the zipper down and I went to touch and suck his cock for a little bit (I know, I am a slut!). We then have to depart because he has to go to work, but he said he will write to me, which he never did! That’s fine though, since I got the feeling that, even though he said he liked me, I believe he really didn’t, and I didn’t like him much either! So that “prospect” is history now, LOL


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After he left I drove back to the warehouse and spent a couple of hours preparing the kayak and the stuff that goes with it, so later at night I could go to the reservoir and try it for a while.

At around 1 in the morning I went to the lake and spend like half an hour quietly paddling the empty lake, watching the clouds and the view all around in the dim light of the night. What a pleasure! I had the whole lake for myself, so not only had the chance to try the kayak in complete nudity, but also spent some time trying to learn to swim close to the shore, also in complete nudity.

By 3 O’clock in the morning I decided to call it a day and loaded the kayak and all the stuff back in the vehicle and drove back home, to end the day with a quick check of my email, and then go to sleep, tired, but very happy with a very exciting day!

Not bad for a slut like me, who doesn’t even have her own body, don’t you think? LOL





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By now I’ve got enough information on how to make my boobs grow to a nice size, and even how to get better, perky nipples to complement my boobs! It’ll be so nice to have bigger boobs with perky nipples, especially when being naked! But before I get all crazy and push Mauricio to buy me the equipment, I must consider that I’m using a borrowed body that also has to be available to be used as a male body for my brother!

If it wasn’t for that, I would be all over Mauricio begging him to buy me the equipment for boobs growth and all kind of herbs and pills for hormones adjustment. I have soooo planned how I would adapt this body to look more female, including the genitals change to female, laser hair removal in the whole body and face, boobs and nipples growth, and even tattoo the area around the nipple to make it look more like a female nipple!

I guess Mauricio’s doubts on giving me his body permanently makes me dream and desire we were already at that point!

The thing is, together with discovering what equipment could be used for boob’s growth, he also discovered how to make his cock bigger, which gives him new hopes on being in bed with a woman!

We’ll see what happens. Maybe I’ll get the equipment and have bigger boobs after a while, or maybe I will have to remain hidden inside his body for the rest of his life…who knows!




Trans Woman

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In the previous post I told you about a bad meet I had some time ago. The problem seems always to be deliberated misunderstanding! Let me explain.

It seems many guys who live as straight men like to watch porn they classify as Transsexual Porn, but in reality what they are watching is Shemale Porn. That’s fine and it can be very entertaining! The problem is when they forget to visualize that there is a difference between a Transsexual Woman and a Shemale.

A Transsexual Woman is someone born with a male body but feels as a woman, and who lived as a man for a while, until she decided to change her body to reflect the woman she is. By having a male body she has a cock but no breasts, and she wants to eliminate the cock and get breast, together with a general female look, so she could be seen as a woman rather than a man.


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A Shemale is someone born as a woman but with a cock. She has the general look of a woman, she is seen and accepted as a woman and lives as a woman, but under her clothes there is a hidden cock. For what I understand, the big majority of Shemales feel as a woman and have trouble trying to find a straight man to accept them as complete females, even if they have a cock! But there are some who are beautiful women with a big cock, so some of them decide to go into the porn industry for money, and play female to female movies where there is the twist of them having and playing with their cocks, and there are some movies where a Shemale plays with a man, where the man sucks her cock and get fucked by her.

For what I can see, some of those men who watch these movies have the fantasy of being with a Shemale, suck her cock and get fucked by her, which is fine. The problem is that they forget the difference between a Shemale and a Transsexual Woman, and when they find the last, they want to play their fantasy thinking they are with a Shemale porn actress!


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That’s what happened to me in my last meet! He confessed that he likes to watch Shemale porn movies, and for what he did and wanted in bed while with me, I could see he thought I was a Shemale instead of a Transsexual Woman!

That’s why I send so many letters before meeting, and expect receiving letters telling me what they offer and want to receive; that way there would be no misunderstandings of who we are and what we want! But it seems they oversee who I really am and want to see a Shemale instead, creating problems later in bed.

In my last meet things went bad and it was a disaster because of that. If he wanted a Shemale to fuck him that’s fine, but he didn’t see and hear what I was telling in my letters before the meet, so we both didn’t get what we wanted.

I am a Transsexual Woman; a woman born in a male body, with the difference with other Transsexual Women that the body I was born in also has a man who lives in it and uses it, so I have to borrow the body to experience physical life.


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You can see in the first picture two Shemales that are in the porn movie industry. They are beautiful girls with a big cock. The second picture is a Shemale who lives as a normal woman and wants to find love with a man (I found that picture in a dating site). You can see she is a woman because she has breasts with female nipples. The third picture is me as a Transsexual Woman, meaning someone born as a man who has the feeling of a woman, and have adapted her body to female look with a cock, but the breasts have no female nipples, so is a male body.

With a little make up in the nipples I can make my breasts look more female, as you can see in the fourth picture; that can make me look like a Shemale, but I am still a Transsexual Woman (a woman in a male body), not a Shemale (a woman in a female body but with a cock), and definitely I’m not in the porn industry, so I don’t want a man to suck my cock and give me his ass for me to fuck him! As a Transsexual Woman I want a man to see me as a woman and treat me as a woman, meaning by that, I suck his cock and he fucks me! I am in the situation of the lady in the second picture.

So you can see why I bug so much with lots of letters first before meeting someone! And still, there are so many liars out there!