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Sexual Fantasy 1

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We all have sexual fantasies, and I guess we all try to make them happen if the opportunity arrives.

After visiting the Denver Swim Club a couple of times, I realized that many of the guys walking from one area to another are just searching for some action just happening, and where they can participate. Usually nothing is happening anywhere, so they keep walking around, hoping at some point they will find someone willing to play with them.

One of my sexual fantasies is to be an available ass for anyone who wants to fuck! Let me explain.

In some of the rooms there are beds that can be used. The rooms usually have very little light and no doors, so anyone can enter and see what’s happening inside. If you happen to be having sex with someone in one of those rooms, there will be a lot of traffic of guys coming in and out of the room, checking out if they can participate, or at least stand there watching how you have sex with your partner.


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My fantasy is to go to one of those rooms and get in one of the beds in doggy position. On my knees in the bed, with my legs spread apart and my head lying on a pillow, like sleeping but in a doggy position. Leave several condoms and a bottle of lube in one side, napkins at the other and a trash can on the floor, and waiting for someone to show up.

The idea is to remain there for a couple of hours and be ready for anyone that show up in the room, see me, and decide to fuck me. They can grab a condom, lube my ass and fuck me, to then just leave, while I remain there, waiting for the next that show up.

If someone decide not to fuck me but just stand there and watch, that would be even better! I would be ready and available for any stranger to fuck me, and any stranger to watch the whole thing.


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After a couple of hours, and hopefully after being fucked by many guys that I didn’t even see who they were, I would head for the showers that are in a very busy hallway and take a shower in front of anyone who wants to see. They will know who fucked me, and those who fucked me will see me and know they had me, while I will never know who did me that day.

Crazy, I know, but maybe some day I will have the guts (and the ass) to do it!

If you were there, and you find yourself in front of an ass ready and willing that you can fuck without being seen, would you do it? Or would you prefer to be the willing and ready ass that others can fuck?





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For a long time I’ve been wondering something.

In OutPersonals I’ve seen many cocks that look gigantic for me! I’m talking of anything that’s more that 7 inches, going to 9 to 12 inches!

At one hand the guys claim they can really satisfy a woman, but at the other they are searching for someone to have sex with, which makes me think they don’t have enough sex, which means women are not getting crazy about really big cocks, or they would be after those guys, and those guys would have enough sex so no need to have a profile to search for someone to have sex with, don’t you think?

Mauricio’s cock is just 3 inches at the most since it keeps shrinking. It used to be 4 inches, but as I mentioned before, it’s getting smaller as his breasts gets bigger. I don’t know really why that is since he doesn’t take any kind of hormones, but his cock keeps shrinking and getting smaller!


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I know that sometimes for his wife it was too small, and maybe that’s why she doesn’t want to have sex with him anymore, so I assume most women like it bigger, but how big? So I wonder if those guys with huge cock have problems sometimes when having sex, because their cock became too big for a woman. How big a cock a woman can take?

If men with really big cocks don’t have much sex, that means women don’t like or can’t take really big cocks, and in that case the competition and pride among men of who got the biggest cock is just a very stupid competition! They would be competing in something that just doesn’t have any use! It’ll be like having a Ferrari in New York; it can be admire, but doesn’t have any practical use!

Just curiosity!




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Dreaming of hands and lips that would run through all my body, exploring every inch of it; sweetly and softly touching and kissing until my body is trembling with desire!

Dreaming of a male body that would cover me when I’m trembling, and will slide his cock between my legs while holding me tight; breathing heavily in my neck and trusting his cock until his desire becomes and explosion and my legs can become wet with his cum.

Dreaming of having a naked male body to sweetly kiss in the lips, to then go down his entire body, to stop by his cock to make love to it. Rubbing it in my face and giving it sweet kisses, to then surround it with my lips inside my mouth, so to massage it with my tongue and lips, to then trust it in my mouth until he can explode again, leaving my mouth full of his cum for me to swallow, to then softly and carefully clean it with my tongue and lips, to end sweetly rubbing it again in my face.




Body Control

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The need to learn how to be feminine!

You see, most people learn how to use their body without really paying attention on what and how they are doing things like walking, standing, seating, gesticulating, etc, so the result is people can do all those things, but none of them in a refined or elegant way. It is at whatever was the result!

By not having a physical body myself, now, when I get the chance to borrow Mauricio’s body, I didn’t have the opportunity to learn to use a body since childhood, so find myself with an entire human body to use, and don’t know how to do that properly!

If I let the subconscious mind take over, I can do many things with this body, but the big majority of movements and gestures will be what Mauricio has learnt in his life, so I’ll be moving like a man rather than like a woman!

For this reason it is not just an option for me to learn how to use a human body in a feminine way, but really a necessity; otherwise I would be borrowing the body with the male manners and gestures; I would be a man in women clothes; I would be a Crossdresser rather than a Transgender!


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So you see, it’s not really an option but a necessity for a Transsexual to learn feminine ways, and that is something that differentiates us from Crossdressers, who use women’s clothes but retain their male manners, gestures and even voice! They are really men in women’s clothes.

I am a woman without a body and only can have a physical human body from time to time and in short periods of time, as Mauricio can let me have it, so I have to be able to switch the subconscious brain of this body to my teachings of how to control that body in female ways. In other words, what Mauricio let the brain learn throughout a lifetime and without intentions, I have to teach on purpose in small amounts of time, whenever I have the chance; and if I’ll have to teach on purpose, why not to choose what to tech to the brain, right?

Dressing the body in different ways it can look male or female, but also we both, Mauricio and me, have to be able to switch the brain’s subconscious to control the body as a man or a woman. It can be done, I know, but it’ll take time and effort to reach the desired results.

So you see, I have more homework to do! LOL




A Lover



For a while Mauricio, my brother, had the illusion of maybe becoming lovers with a sweet girl he was dating. He is married, and although he and his wife get along pretty well, they haven’t had sex or any kind of physical contact for the last ten year! They are more like very good roommates.

Mauricio is a very physical person, and always feels the need to hug and kiss, but not being able with his wife, and after waiting for almost 30 years for her to be more caring in that aspect, tired of talking about that with her and not seeing any changes, he decided that he had no option in that matter but to find himself a mistress, so to have the possibility to experience physical contact with a woman, before he became too old for that, thus loosing his chance in life to know what is to have normal sex.

This girl appeared out of nowhere and went to work at the same place than my brother. He fell in love with her and got closer with the intentions of becoming lovers. She is the skinny type, not too tall (about 5-0, 150cm), ten years younger than Mauricio; with a beautiful smile and a very sweet voice. Always smiling and having very soft manners.

I can’t deny I was always watching her, trying to learn her ways to use them whenever I could borrow Mauricio’s body.

They became very close and dated often as friends, while Mauricio still had hopes they could become lovers. All those hopes vanished in an instant when she told him she got a very good job offer in the East Coast that she was going to take.

So in a matter of two days, while Mauricio was at work, she took her stuff and traveled to the East Coast! Mauricio didn’t even had a chance to say goodbye in person and give her a last hug! He is been very sad since then, but also comforted with the idea that maybe it wouldn’t work after all, since they are very different in many aspects anyway.

I know he wants to hear from her and learn how is she doing over there, but he knows she basically runaway from him, and have no interest in him anymore, so the whole thing is over, so he is going on with his life and his projects, knowing some day the memory of her will not hurt anymore.