Nudity Pictures

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A couple of days ago my lover mentioned that he has been showing my naked pictures to his friends, to show them his new girlfriend. At first it surprised me, but then I must admit, knowing his friends also have seen me naked, sort of turn me on. Well…to be honest…it really turns me on! LOL

I can imagine my lover showing them the pictures were I’m naked, and telling them what he does to me in bed. He said his friends also tell him what they would do with me if they were in bed with me, and that those comments turn him on.


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It’s kind of crazy in a way if you think about it, but considering at our ages, and that I’m a woman in a male body, there is no possibility to create a real couple, and whatever is happening between us right now is something temporary, condemn to end sooner than later. So we are sort of just having fun and enjoying life, while giving to each other what the other wants and needs. There is no need for the typical limitations that should exist between real couples.

So not only I don’t mind if he shows my naked pictures to his friends…I like it! I believe the strange situation we are in allow us to live some crazy fantasies that normally could not be possible, at least not in a normal, traditional relationship.


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So I even suggested him that he could set one of my pictures as a wall paper in his computer, so I’ll be always naked for him in front of his eyes…and the eyes of his friends. Since then I’ve been searching for my best naked pictures in 1024×768 size, to send them to him for his computer screen. LOL

Now I wonder how it’ll feel if one day I get introduced to his friends, and they all look at me knowing that’s the one they have seen naked many times before. LOL