Sickness Update

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It’s been two weeks taking the medicine the doctor prescribed, to see by the body reactions if what I have is Fibromyalgia Syndrome. So far things are going good in one way, but bad in the other.

What happens is that the pain in the whole body has been reduced big time, and just a small pain can be felt here and there; but the big problem is that I‘ve started to have very low energy levels, to the point that for the last couple of days I spent more time laying in the couch, rather than doing things.

My energy levels went to the floor; my whole body feels like shaky; my heart feels like racing; I can’t sleep at night; spend all day dizzy and unstable, and with concentration problems to think.

Still can’t go back to work, probably for another month, so I’m still without income, just trying to survive without getting in too much debt.

I gave the medicine several days to see if the excessive tiredness would go away, but things became worst with the other symptoms I mentioned above, so I’ve decided to stop taking the medicine for a couple of days and see what happens

I’ll let you know what’s the result




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