Second Meet

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A couple of days ago finally we met again!

On 2013-10-04 we met for the first time (I’m Happy!) and we promised to each other to meet again the next week. That second meet happened on 2014-03-19, five and a half months later!

What happened is that after we had the first encounter, it followed several emails talking about each other and what we like. He sent me some pictures of himself crossdressing and that was a big turn off for me! I mentioned that I thought I was the woman and he was the man, and I never heard from him again!

About a month ago he sent me a note to my profile in OP and I responded. At first none of us talked about what happened, and then later he told me he decided to give up crossdressing, and that he saw me as a woman, and that he wanted me as a woman.

It took a long time to find coincidental days where we could meet, but finally we met again just a couple of days ago; and we did it in my place, so to have privacy and a bed at hand.


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It was just amazing!! He treated me and made me feel as a woman, and I tried my best to be the hottest woman he has been with (he was very kind and told me so). He did kiss and lick my cock, but I was in a different mentality and considered he was playing with my female parts, and enjoyed it.

The thing is, together with all the kissing and sweetly running his hands in all my naked body and kissing me all over, he also was trusting his cock between my legs when I was face up in bed and he was over me; and also trusting his cock in my butt while I was face down while he was laying his weight over me, breathing hard in my neck. In those two situations I was moving my body like a snake under his body, so to let him know he was so desired, and that I was having so much pleasure. I was in heaven!!

Of course I did suck his cock and run my hands all over his naked body and give him lots of sweet kisses. I also gave him a massage in his shoulders, back and butt while he was laying face down in bed and I was kneeling over him.

We had so much fun together! Finally I got to have sex with a man, while being treated and feeling as a woman! The only thing we didn’t try was he penetrating me in my ass because he has a big, gorgeous cock, and I don’t have any experience, so what I’ll do is practice with my toys, and then take an hour earlier of our next meet to practice and be ready for him when he arrives to my place. I so much want him to fuck me!


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This meet confirmed me that I am a TS!

When I had sex in the past with a woman, I always was sort of confused on what to do; touch her breasts? Kiss her breast? Should I run my hands in her pussy? Etc. I spent the whole time thinking what to do, more than enjoying the moment. And when getting very excited I had a tendency to start twisting my body; and if I was at the bottom, opening my legs was instinctive. It’s like I never knew how to “take a body”.

In this encounter were I was the woman, every movement or action I did, came naturally. I didn’t have to think what should I do; it was like I knew without even thinking about it. And whatever I did seemed to be what suppose to be: twisting my body; rubbing my breasts on his body; moving my legs up and down, etc. It felt so natural to “surrender” my body to him to let him play with it, and feeling pleasure with his doing!

Tomorrow we should meet again at my place, so I’m hoping things will go as good as the previous time. In a future post I’ll tell you how it went, and I hope that next meet tomorrow doesn’t take another six months to happen! LOL