Man to Woman (IV)

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About six months ago my energy levels went down like a rock at free fall; I had extreme fatigue all the time, and my breathing had shortened to the point that just tying my shoe laces got me panting. In the last three months I developed pain in my hands that extended to my arms and shoulders, to then to my knees, hips and jaw. My legs became stiff and I started walking like a duck! I gained weight (about 10 pounds), and had dizziness all the time.

The problem became so big, that at some point I just couldn’t work anymore, and had to get a certificate from a doctor to obtain sick leave in my job, so I didn’t loose it! The doctors started all kind of blood tests but everything was fine; I had a healthy body! They just couldn’t find the reason for my whole body pain, fatigue and dizziness.

After visiting four doctors and having all kind of blood test and x-rays, the doctors concluded that it could be Arthritis, or Lupus, or Underactive Thyroid, or maybe even low Testosterone levels, but no test could confirm any of those possibilities, so there was nothing they could do. In the meantime in my job they didn’t approve the restriction the doctor ordered, so I can’t go to work (which means I don’t have a paycheck), while I’m still with all the pain and the problems and unable to work, but having no diagnosis and no treatment!

I believe now I understand how someone can become homeless!


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Since I haven’t been working for about a month now, and the doctors can’t find anything, I started to research the net to see if I could find my problem. I looked at Underactive Thyroid; Arthritis, Lupus, and Low Testosterone levels, and the last seemed to be the problem, even though the blood tests indicate everything is fine in my body.

For that reason I started to take Testosterone again (about two week ago), and the pain in my legs, hips and jaw became less. The dizziness disappeared and little by little I’ve been feeling the fatigue diminish. My cock was still useless, shrinking and extremely sensitive to pain, and my breast and my feelings for men kept growing, while I still had pain in my hands, arms and shoulders. At that rate I thought, I should be sort of “back to normal” in about a month. So I reached the conclusion that I’m a woman with low testosterone levels! Weird, isn’t it?

The problem is, about a week ago all the symptoms returned and once again I feel like a 150 years old person! Unable to do anything, while feeling again my whole body collapsing, even while taking Testosterone!

But then by chance, talking with an acquaintance who works in a medical office in the front desk, she mentioned the possibility of Fibromyalgia Syndrome, which could be the answer. I mentioned it to my doctor, and she decided to put me on specific medicines for a month to see if that is the problem. Now I have to wait, hoping I can recover my strength, my income, and with it, my life! I’ll let you know in future posts what happened.


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Still, clearly this sickness has nothing to do with my growing female feelings and my body transformation from male to female. If everything in my blood is fine, and all the levels of everything that can be measured with tests are within range, yet my breasts keep growing, my cock keeps shrinking, and my desires of having sex with men are more and more, I have no choice but to conclude that my body is a “normal” body that was born to be a TS. In other words, I was born in the wrong body.

You might ask, why then I lived and felt as a straight man for so long; and then suddenly switched feelings and some physical characteristics? In the next post I’ll tell you why I believe is a brain work, acting from the subconscious, motivated by the mind.