Man to Woman (I)

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I just dropped a bomb in OutPersonals, the site where I have a profile to find dates!

What happens is that I’ve been receiving many letters from several men in that site (close by and far away) saying they find me a very attractive woman, and that they would love to have hot sex with me. They talk about developing a friendship, and we have been chatting by email, and in some cases even exchanging pictures (ourselves naked, not of our cats!) (Well, I don’t have a cat anyway!).

The thing is, since one of the basics of friendship is honesty, I felt that it was time to drop the bomb and tell the truth about me. I don’t have a functional cock!

It might seem of no importance when I’ve been saying that I feel as a woman; that I don’t want men to play with my cock, but rather see me and treat me as a woman, and instead I’ll be the one playing with their cocks while they play with my breasts, my butt, and fuck me in my ass (since I don’t have a vagina).

The problem is that the big majority (I believe about 99.99%) of the men in that site are searching for cock. Some want to be Bottom and are searching for a Top to fuck them (like me), and others want to be Top, but enjoy sucking cock too. And there are all the others in between, who also want to suck cock at the least. In other words, in that site Cock is King! LOL


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Now, my problem is that I don’t have a functional cock anymore, so if they are searching for a man with a cock in a woman’s dress, I will be useless to them. And if they are looking for a woman with nice breasts but a surprise down there between her legs, I’m still useless to them! So I felt I had to be honest and tell everybody (so I posted the story in my blog there) that the main element that congregate men as one in that site is missing in me (like a very small and really poor country to an unscrupulous tyrant…no money and very little power to gain).

I believe after that post they will stop sending me letters and will just move on to the next profile; after all there are sooo many cocks in that site (hey, is the site where Cock is King, remember?). But at least I was honest with them, and if a friendship develops with someone, I was up front with the truth. If nobody wants to talk to me anymore, at least I’ll have peace of mind that I was honest, and didn’t lie and bring them a nasty surprise in bed just to get laid (See? I can be a honest girlfriend! LOL).


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Tomorrow I’ll post the details of why my cock doesn’t work anymore, and why I believe my transformation from Man to Woman started without my own “permission”; which means, what I’m doing trying to become a woman is just a logic human reaction to help Nature complete what it already decided and started, without me knowing and giving me the chance to choose by myself (I’m just another victim of Nature! LOL).

I already wrote the whole post, but it is a very long one (like 5,000 words), so I divided it in six parts and will be publishing one everyday. If you read them all and in order, you’ll see the very weird physical transformation I’m going through; the reasons why I believe this is happening, and you’ll be able to compare the whole situation with yours, if you happen to be going through the same thing. And for those of you who are not in this situation, you’ll have the chance to learn the strange ways of Nature, and how little we know about the human body and mind.