Night Dress

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I took this picture in November last year (four months ago) to have an idea of how I would like to look when going out on a summer night to downtown Denver for a drink.

For what I’ve seen, most crossdressers tend to dress like very sophisticated and wealthy ladies; with lots of make up, jewelry, silk, and animal fur coats. For me it is more about simplicity and sexiness than elegance. Most probably I wouldn’t be able to be admitted in one of those expensive clubs, but that’s not what I want anyway.

Well, first of all, I don’t feel as a crossdresser (a man in women clothes pretending to be a woman) but rather I feel as a woman in the wrong body; so in that sense I’m trying to use the body I got to be the woman I feel I am. From that point of view, I’m not trying to “cover up” a male body to present it in the external as a female, but instead I’m dressing that male body (that little by little I’m adapting to look more female) as a woman, so there’s no need for many layers of clothes.

My reference in that sense is a co-worker I have. He is a female that feels as a man, and instead of trying to pretend to be a man wearing a fake beard, boots and construction worker clothes, he just uses a very short hair and wear jeans and a loose T shirt. Then he complements the whole with male ways of talking and walking. He has the problem though he has a female-like face and the voice of a 14 years old kid; but I admire his toughness in being who he feels he is, rather than “surviving” what society would impose him for having a female body.

Why not to do the same?

So I tried the clothes in the picture as a reference of how I would look, and what should I change or adapt. At a quick glance it looks OK to me, and if I am in a club with very dim light, I believe I could pass as a woman. Obviously there are the other things, like the way I can walk and gesticulate and of course the voice.

So there’s still a lot of work to do, but I feel confident that I can get a decent look, good enough to don’t let people around go beyond the doubt. And to aid in the look I’ve already ordered some breast enhancer pads and some butt and hips enhancer panties. That means I will have to get bigger clothes to the new sizes, but if that helps me to look more female while going out, it’ll be great.