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As I mentioned before, I have a profile in Outpersonals to see if I can get dates and sex, but I don’t know if I mentioned before that customer service there simply sucks!

When I opened that profile I set my gender as Man, thinking that it’ll be the most accurate description, but with time I realized I should have it as TS (Transsexual) to better reflect who I am and how I feel; so a couple of days ago I paid the $ 9.95 OP charges to change the gender in a profile. Impatiently I waited until the charge appeared in my credit card balance. After my card was charged nothing happened!

I called customer service and they kindly fix the problem and changed it to Couple (woman and woman). So I called again and they said they couldn’t do anything; so I sent an email explaining and asking to change it to TS/TV/TG.


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A couple of hours later I logged in and found they changed it to Group!

So I called again, and this time I asked to speak with someone who speaks Spanish, just to make sure there will be no problems with language. The guy kindly changed it back to Couple (woman and woman), while insisting he had it on TS!

It never did matter how many different ways and different languages I explained that what I wanted (and paid for) was to switch from Man to TS/TV/TG in my profile, they just keep getting it wrong!

If you go there and check my profile, by the picture on the top left side it shows T, but down the description it shows for two people instead of one, and I’m now classified as Lesbian Couple (two women).


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Tired of fighting and not going anywhere, and to sort of lift my mood after all these problems, I decided to entertain myself editing these pictures, to sarcastically reflect what my profile says now. Then I posted in my blog there what happened and included the first picture in this post, so other members can be aware that OP has a really bad customer service. I guess is like a little revenge that doesn’t really affect the site, but let me feel a little bit better.