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It is kind of funny when you think about it.

Like a month ago I decided to renew my subscription with Outpersonals since after all it has been the only site I’ve been in that got me a date. All the other sites I’ve been subscribed to nothing has happened, so one by one I’ve stopped my subscriptions, deleted my pictures and finally closed the accounts. The only one I keep my account in is Dateacrossdresser, honestly I don’t know why, because also nothing happens there; but at least I stopped paying and just keep the profile with no ability to do anything at all.

In OP I kept the profile after stopping being a paying member and simply didn’t login for like a year. After renewing the Gold membership like a months ago I started to post blogs and pictures again, and little by little it seems my profile is gaining more views. I even got letters from other members showing interest in dating me!


142   2014-03-07    14   05 Dates and Encounters                 Dating (2)


The funny part is, after one or two letters they just stop writing, and never hear from them again. I understand I’m not exactly a gorgeous girl and rather more in the out of shape side; also, I know they are mostly looking to be with another man, and not with someone that is in between man and woman, like me.

But what intrigues me is that they clearly explain what they are looking for to do, and urging others to take action and get together for some fun; yet when you exchange emails with them you realize they don’t have experience, and worst of all, they seem to be afraid of gaining it by having an encounter. In other words, they were lying, and they seem to be rather happy with just dreaming about what it could be, instead of giving it a try and see.

It really surprises me when finding yet another man that claims to be in search; to just a little later find out he is not willing to go all the way.

Intriguing isn’t it?