141   2014-03-05    28   02 Physical Changes                         TS (1)


Although I don’t like to show my cock much because I feel more as a woman rather than a man, I sort of like these pictures. To me somehow they reflect that at this point I am more of a TS (Transsexual) instead of a CD (Crossdresser): The face of a woman; her boobs, and a cock that shouldn’t be there!

Clearly there are also some extra pounds that shouldn’t be there either, but even with them, if there was a pussy instead of a cock, that body wouldn’t be mistaken for a male. For a man looking at that body with a pussy instead of a cock, it might not look like the most attractive woman in the world, but at least would be seen as a woman and not a man.


141   2014-03-05    28   02 Physical Changes                         TS (2)


I believe if I reduce the waist line, even if the hips wouldn’t be proportionally wide as a woman, still it’ll be possible to see the general shape of a woman instead of a man. If I loose breast size because of loosing weight, it should be fine since there are women with small breasts anyway.

But the problem is the cock! Although it could be hidden with panties, the bulk will still be there, and I love to be completely naked, so ideally it’ll be nice if I could hide my cock without using panties.


141   2014-03-05    28   02 Physical Changes                         TS (3)


Now, some time ago I mentioned that I would be ordering a silicone vagina to try and see how it works. Well, I did, and it was really frustrating to find out it looks more like silicone than vagina! Or if you will, more like a silicone panty with a vagina painted in front, and very thick cords to tight it on the back. Even though I have a “small package”, still it shows a big prominence in the front part when wearing it. Not only is unnatural, but it becomes plain ridiculous!

I didn’t return it because I want to try adapting it to see if I can make it work, but unfortunately I haven’t had enough free time to work on that. If I can make it work maybe I could get a better female look.


141   2014-03-05    28   02 Physical Changes                         TS (4)


The things I need to adapt are: The size; the general shape; the level of hiding it can do to my package; the color to match my skin, and to eliminate the need for cords tied in the back to hold it in place; only that! It’s like making something from scratch!

Anyway, I plan to work on adapting that piece of…silicone, in one of the following days, so as soon as I have a result I will tell you about how it went, and I’ll show you some pictures, so you can see what the general results is.