Back Shaving

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Having such a hairy body, I have no choice but to shave it completely if I want to have at least a resemblance with a woman. You can see in the picture above the huge difference it makes if I shave my body completely.

One of the biggest problems when shaving the whole body is how to reach my back, so decided some time ago to give a try to those back shavers you can find in the market nowadays.

First I tried the Mangroomer, which is a battery powered, foldable device ( It works great except that when you open it to use it, it doesn’t have a positive lock, so it feels very unstable and difficult to keep control over the position and pressure you apply to your skin. I fixed that problem using duct tape to keep all the parts in place, and it worked great. The only problem left is that it is like shaving with an electric shaver…the hair disappears, but you can feel it when you touch the skin.


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It worked great when shaving the back for the first time, when the hair was very long (about one inch) or when haven’t shaved in a while, like a month, and the hair is about a quarter of an inch, so the razor doesn’t get “clogged” with long hair; but for a nice and smooth skin, is just not enough. Is like trimming down your beard before shaving…the job is not yet finished!

Then I decide to try the Sport Razor ( since it has a three blade cartridge and is also foldable.


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It works great in leaving the skin very smooth to the touch (like a woman’s skin), but in my case, not having a straight back, it is very difficult to reach the lower back, so I have to use a regular, hand held razor, and do all kind of contortionisms to get the lower back smooth (very tiring!); but it works great for quick shavings in the upper back and shoulders…and I love how light it is, and how easy it is to fold it!


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Because of my curved back, I went on to try the Easy Razor ( since it allows shaping the angle of the handle, and also you can use different kind of razors (great to grab whatever razor you prefer, or is cheaper, LOL).


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The adjusting capabilities are great, but the clamping system for the razor is just not good enough, and the razor keeps sliding out of the plastic clamps; so after trying different possibilities with different razors handle shapes, I decided to adapt the clamp system using metal instead of plastic.


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As you can see, now it grabs the razor handle in a different way, but it keeps a very strong hold, and still is possible to fold it down for easy storage.


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So after several months trying different possibilities, finally I have a system that allows me to shave my entire back easy and quickly. And to save some money, I tried the Dorco system for shaving cartridges (

I’ve been using the Dorco blades for just a couple of weeks, but the 6 blades cartridges have proved being very smooth, without giving me any irritation to the skin. I even ordered a second handle, so I can leave one permanently in the Easy Razor, and have another for using as a hand held device.

As a note, I gave you the websites of the products I tried, so if you are interested in learning more about them you can go there, but I’m not an affiliate seller so don’t make any money if you buy from them. In other words, I’m not promoting anything here but just giving you information.

If you have any questions let me know, and hope this post will be of help if you are interested in shaving your back, even if you are a straight guy trying to be more comfortable while having a better look, or like me, a TS trying to adapt your body to better reflect your inner feelings.