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Nudity Pictures

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A couple of days ago my lover mentioned that he has been showing my naked pictures to his friends, to show them his new girlfriend. At first it surprised me, but then I must admit, knowing his friends also have seen me naked, sort of turn me on. Well…to be honest…it really turns me on! LOL

I can imagine my lover showing them the pictures were I’m naked, and telling them what he does to me in bed. He said his friends also tell him what they would do with me if they were in bed with me, and that those comments turn him on.


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It’s kind of crazy in a way if you think about it, but considering at our ages, and that I’m a woman in a male body, there is no possibility to create a real couple, and whatever is happening between us right now is something temporary, condemn to end sooner than later. So we are sort of just having fun and enjoying life, while giving to each other what the other wants and needs. There is no need for the typical limitations that should exist between real couples.

So not only I don’t mind if he shows my naked pictures to his friends…I like it! I believe the strange situation we are in allow us to live some crazy fantasies that normally could not be possible, at least not in a normal, traditional relationship.


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So I even suggested him that he could set one of my pictures as a wall paper in his computer, so I’ll be always naked for him in front of his eyes…and the eyes of his friends. Since then I’ve been searching for my best naked pictures in 1024×768 size, to send them to him for his computer screen. LOL

Now I wonder how it’ll feel if one day I get introduced to his friends, and they all look at me knowing that’s the one they have seen naked many times before. LOL




Sickness Update

157   2014-03-29    13   07 All Others                                     Sickness Update


It’s been two weeks taking the medicine the doctor prescribed, to see by the body reactions if what I have is Fibromyalgia Syndrome. So far things are going good in one way, but bad in the other.

What happens is that the pain in the whole body has been reduced big time, and just a small pain can be felt here and there; but the big problem is that I‘ve started to have very low energy levels, to the point that for the last couple of days I spent more time laying in the couch, rather than doing things.

My energy levels went to the floor; my whole body feels like shaky; my heart feels like racing; I can’t sleep at night; spend all day dizzy and unstable, and with concentration problems to think.

Still can’t go back to work, probably for another month, so I’m still without income, just trying to survive without getting in too much debt.

I gave the medicine several days to see if the excessive tiredness would go away, but things became worst with the other symptoms I mentioned above, so I’ve decided to stop taking the medicine for a couple of days and see what happens

I’ll let you know what’s the result




Earrings Change

One of the things that I like to do when in my female roll, and that I need to do to help with my female look, is to wear earrings, but the problem is that I don’t have perforations in my ears, and I don’t want to get them anyway.

Not only I don’t want to have my ears perforated, but also it’ll be too complicated to explain that to family, especially that there is such an atmosphere of traditionalism all around (men don’t use earrings of any kind…period!).

So I went initially with the clamp style that gets hold of the ear by simply clamping the ear lobe. It works fine except by the problems that, at one hand it creates pain in my ear lobe, and at the other they are very prone to fall and be lost.

Because of those problems, I decided to try the type that hangs from you whole ear, so not to press on the lobe, and to give them more resistance to fall, since they are hooked from the top.

Searching pictures in the net I found the general shape those earrings have, and tried to reproduce them with simple wire, but it didn’t work as I wanted, so went on to buy a pair that had skulls and little chains; not what I want to wear, but they had the shape I needed, so I simply cut the skulls with pliers and bent them as I needed.

It was necessary to cut the skulls, file the hook to eliminate the protuberances that could hurt the skin around the ears, and reshape the hook to the shape of my ears, and to get the little loop at the bottom facing in a more appropriate angle, to serve as a “ear lobe perforation”


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156   2014-03-28    18   03 Clothes and Accessories              Earrings Change (2)

156   2014-03-28    18   03 Clothes and Accessories              Earrings Change (3)

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They now can hang from the whole ear without creating any pain, and being secured enough so not to fall so easily. Then I just hang whatever kind of regular earrings from the little loop at the bottom.

It allows me to wear any design of earrings that uses the typical short hook that goes in the ear lobe perforation, which are also the more common and cheap!

Hope this information can be of use to you.




Third Date

155   2014-03-27    16   05 Dates and Encounters                 Third Date (1)


So it didn’t take another six months! Last week we promised to each other to meet again in seven days, and yesterday we did meet again, as we planned.

This time there was no ice to break since it was the second time after those almost six months from the first, so we could go “straight to the point” LOL My bed was ready and the two of us too, so after just a couple of minutes we were making love to each other with all our desires.

Naked, touching, kissing, licking, squeezing, hugging, breathing hard…we were hungry for each others body! We were burning with desire and being consumed by the flames of passion…we just couldn’t have enough!

At some point, when I was laying face down in bed and he was over me trusting his cock in my butt, he tried to enter my ass a little too fast and strong while I wasn’t ready, so it was a painful moment for me, but he stopped immediately and went to make love to me very sweetly and caring to compensate; then the pain went away in just a couple of minutes.


155   2014-03-27    16   05 Dates and Encounters                 Third Date (2)


After a moment I was over him massaging his back and butt; kissing all his body, and then sucking his huge cock. Twisting my body to reach every part of his body and kiss him all, to show him how much I desire him!

The only real problem I had is that I’m not recovered from my syndrome, so I was worn out pretty quickly and left without energy to continue making love to him; so I apologized and explained to him, and promised that as soon as I’m recovered I’ll be all over him making love like no other woman has made love to him before.

It was such a wonderful moment for both of us! He as a man and me as a woman; we made love with sweetness and with passion, to then lie in bed for several minutes to rest together. He was in his back and I was leaning my head in his shoulder, kissing his neck and softly running my hand in his hairy chest. We talked; we laughed; we imagined doing other things together…it was magic!!

Maybe someday we will do other things, like going out dinner, or walking at a park, who knows; but so far it seems to be the relationship is growing, and in the way between a man and a woman, which makes me so happy.

I don’t know how long this relationship will last; for what I’ve read in the stories of other TS, usually it always end up in a bitter way, but I’m planning to enjoy every moment of it for whatever it last!



Body Scratches

154   2014-03-26    34   02 Physical Changes                         Body Scratches (1)


It really takes a lot of time to shave the whole body; or at least it has to be done slowly and carefully.

Last time I shaved I was sort of in a hurry and got scratches in my body like the one in the pictures. They itch later but don’t hurt much, but definitely look ugly!


154   2014-03-26    34   02 Physical Changes                         Body Scratches (2)


If you are shaving your whole body, take it slowly; consider spending about one hour in the shower to complete the task without hurting yourself. Also, make sure you are sliding the blades in complete contact with your skin. I know is difficult, specially when shaving the back and sides; and takes lot of practice, but if the blades go in an angle, they create these scratches.

But mostly, don’t make the mistake I did and do things in a hurry…take your time!