Ghost Park 3

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Here are some more pictures of the trip to the abandoned reservoir. The first one is just fooling around with my butt while leaning on a picnic table.

I was walking the trails and decided to stop for a moment and rest on that picnic table which originally was overseeing the lake. You can see the grass in the distance…that all supposed to be water!

While leaning in that position, and knowing I left the camera rolling, I started to move my butt just for the fun of it. I posted the video from where this picture came out. I hope you like it.


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In the second picture I didn’t cover my cock as usual, mostly so you can see the “weird” proportion between my cock and my boobs. Too small cock and too big boobs for a man! If it was just a little more in that direction, I could pass as a woman rather than a man.

In all honesty, I wish my cock and my balls were even smaller (since I have to have them anyway), so I could cover them easily with panties, without showing a bulk underneath. In that case I think I would shave all down there, so to be able to use a very small bikini; you know, one of those that only have a cover for the front the size of a dime, and just some dental floss to cover the butt! LOL


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The third picture is just playing in a gate like a little girl would do.

In the fourth and fifth pictures I’m having fun with the writings in one of the picnic shelters. I was driving by when I saw the words, so decided to stop and make a little video.

For a moment I felt like a prostitute promoting herself, with a big sign and some poses to attract customers. It made me horny! After all that’s what I’ve been looking for: someone to fuck me! LOL. It’s not the real thing but still fun.


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In the picture below you can see how I was driving after I left the reservoir. It was the time to take the road back home, but didn’t want to go back to man just yet, so remained as a woman for a while. I also kept my shirt open so to feel a little sexier, in case a driver from another vehicle decided to take a quick look. LOL

I know I can be such a slut sometimes! LOL


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In my way back I decided to take a secondary road instead of the highway, which goes through several very small towns, so to have different scenery to watch in the almost 190 miles back.

At some point I heard a little sound from the instrument panel in the vehicle and I realized the low fuel light just came ON. I still was at about 100 miles from Denver and none of the towns I crossed had fuel; the next town was about 60 miles away, and the trip computer showed me I had fuel for 27 miles! I wasn’t carrying any fuel container and was in the middle of nowhere; I was going to get stranded at night…and still dressing as a woman!


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Since the trip computer can also show me instant mpg together with average consumption, I started programming the cruise control at different speeds (65 – 55 – 45 mph) to see how much was the difference in fuel consumption depending on the speed I was using. I ended up driving at 35 mph in a 65 mph road! My car was giving me an outstanding 35 mpg, but still not enough to reach the next town; and I didn’t know if there was a fuel station there!

Just in case I stopped by the side of the road; went outside to the back of my vehicle and got completely naked. I opened the trunk and then proceeded to remove the wig and cleaned up my face from the make up, so to go back to man in case I needed to ask for help. I was on that when a big truck showed up on the road; I had to run to the side of my car and duck to hide from the driver’s view (I was naked, remember?). After he was away, I went back to the rear of my car and finished cleaning up and putting on my man’s clothes, to then resume my driving to the next town.

When I was about 5 miles from the town, the trip computer showed me I had fuel left for “zero” miles! I just kept driving, trying to at least get the closest possible, so to have the smallest walk I could get. To my extremely good luck, even though I drove 5 miles with the trip computer showing zero, I reached the town, and there was a fuel station open. I didn’t care how much was the price…I just filled up the tank and, after taking several deep breaths and holding a big smile in my face, resumed the driving back home, knowing I would make it after all.