Being Used

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These three pictures are also from other gurls in one of those dating sites. The reason I post them here is to show you in a more “graphic” way what is what I’m looking for.

Ass you can imagine, I want to be the bottom one in the first two pictures; and I specially love the second one, where the guy is on top completely, so the gurl is having his weight over her.


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I mentioned in the previous post how wonderful it feels for me to have the weight of the man over me when I’m face down in bed. Well, I would prefer to be face up, with my arms wrapped around his neck, giving him sweet kisses in his lips while having my legs spread apart and he is fucking me hard, but since I don’t have a pussy, the best next thing would be something like this.

I know there is what they call the “Missionary” position, but I don’t know if that one would give the same feeling, so I guess I’ll have to try it when the opportunity arrives. LOL


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The third picture so much gives me the feeling of being used, and even though some people might think that is too much self-degradation, there is a sort of hidden feeling of pleasure in doing that. I don’t understand why is it, so I’ll keep thinking about it to see if I can discover why, and then will let you know my findings.

In the meantime, I hope with these pictures you could better see what I’m looking for and dreaming of.

Any volunteers? LOL