Being Fucked

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I’ve mentioned before that I want to be fucked, and that I’m searching for a man willing to take me and use my body. The problem right now is that I have very little practice in being penetrated, and haven’t had much time to practice with my toys.

I understand that if I get to the point of going to bed with a willing man, at least I should have enough practice receiving a cock (even if it’s a toy) easy enough so not to be a problem for him, so he’ll want more in the future instead of discarding me for being just “a big mouth with a too tight hole!”


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Reading profiles and stories in those dating sites I’ve seen that it seems a matter of practice to get a loose enough hole, that would allow to be penetrated without complications, so I guess the key is just to find the time to practice more.

The very few times I’ve had the chance to practice, by using lots of lube and going slowly at the beginning, I’ve been able to get a 7 inches toy cock inside me, although it took me about 10 minutes to get to that point.


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So I assume if I can get to the point of being able to be penetrated in just a couple of minutes by a 7 inches cock, and being able to stand hard fucking for maybe about 30 minutes, that should be the basics to get a man happy. The rest would be what I can do related at moving my body under his, and the sweet kissing and moaning that would show him that I’m enjoying being taken by him.

Yes, I so much want to make a man happy sexually!