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Not My Cock!

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I think I’ve mentioned before that I want to be fucked, right? (LOL) For that reason, when I post pictures in dating sites I use the Paint program in my computer to “cover up” my cock, so it resembles a pussy instead. The reason is that I don’t want guys to be attracted to my cock more than my ass and my whole body. Not that I have a nice cock, but when guys are into cocks, they don’t care much about how it looks or what the size is; they date the person because of the cock attached to that body. I know because the same happens to me…I love cocks!

But when dating, I want a man to fuck me and use me like if I was a woman, while I’ll be playing with his cock and giving him the pleasure of having me as his personal female sex slave for him to use.


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The result of covering up my cock in those pictures posted in dating sites is…nothing! So clearly what men look for in a crossdresser’s site is the look of a woman, but really a cock to play with. So for a moment I thought of offering them what they want, just to get a date, and post pictures like the three in this post. But in a second thought, I decided to keep it the way it is, so to retain the possibility that maybe someday a guy would be interested in me as an OK looking woman with a useless appendix, rather than a cock carrying girl.

Even though I haven’t been fucked yet, I did have the chance to try in part what I’m looking for. In a couple of dates I had in the past, I asked the guys to lie over my back and trust their cocks in my butt while holding me tight with their arms. I could feel their weight over me; their breath in my neck, and their cock playing in my butt…and I was in Heaven! But they did it only once and never again. They just went back to turn me around and go straight to my cock to suck it while moaning in pleasure. They wanted cock; not a fake woman!


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Oh well! Maybe one day. In the meantime I included these three pictures of me without covering up my cock, so you can see what those guys saw, and decide if I look more attractive sexually with or without a cock.