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Daring Walk

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I so much want to be walking like this at the park; grabbing men’s attention with their eyes and horny thoughts! Walking with elegance like a sophisticated lady that doesn’t pay attention to other people, but just the surrounding nature.

Dividing my thoughts between enjoying the infinite beauty of nature, feeling sexy, and having fun discretely watching other people’s (especially men) reactions.

To be honest, although I don’t want to get into trouble, for now my biggest fear is my own face. As I mentioned in the previous post “Face Pictures”, I don’t feel confident that the possible illusion that what they are looking at is a sexy (to slutty) girl, would be supported by the time they take a glance at my face. But if I had a “passable” enough face, I can assure you I would be spending a lot of time searching for safe places to do something like this. LOL