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As I mentioned before, I have a profile in a crossdresser’s site called dateacrossdresser. I used to be a paying member, but lately decide to let my membership expire because of all the problems with the site: It is very slow to load up; not always gets to the page you are trying to go; it takes forever to load up pictures and they have to be approved; there is no way to contact them with questions, and you cannot see pictures, send or receive email, chat, anything, unless you pay the membership.

I can understand all the limitations unless you pay the membership since they are there for business; I can also understand they need to approve the pictures to prevent all the stuff that is not related to the intention of the site (dating for sex), but I assume they should provide a decent service for the fees they charge, and there should be at least some logic in their procedures!


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A couple of weeks ago I decide to close and delete my membership there because of the really bad service they provide, so started for deleting all the pictures that showed in the background anything that could be used to identify me. Then I decide to keep the profile there without paying membership, but as a way to promote this site (AwryAngel). I wouldn’t be able to do anything in that site and to get a date from there, but maybe it’ll help me to sort of guide local guys to this blog and have contact with them through here. So decided to re-touch the pictures I deleted and re-post them, so to have a good numbers of them for people there to see.

Then all the problems from before became completely out of hand!

I could post most of them, but a couple of pictures that I did have posted before were denied for being “Inappropriate”! The first two pictures in this post are the pictures they denied. I tried several times and they keep denying publishing them, and as I mention, these two pictures were published in my profile there before, so they approved them at some point, and now they reject them.


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Even worst, the third picture in this post is one that I published there before and is still there! And I believe that third picture is a lot more “straightforward” with the intentions I have by being in that site, than the other two.

I joined that site to get fucked, but not by the website administration with their inconsistent rules!

So if you are a crossdresser searching for sex, I definitely cannot recommend dateacrossdresser because of all the problems the site has, and the very stupid way they administer the whole thing. If you still want to give it a try, subscribe for just one month only, so you can see what I mean in this post, without spending a lot of money.