Being a Girl

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Standing in front of the lake for a moment while resting from a long, solitary walk in a forgotten part of the Colorado Mountains; watching birds fly low just over the water having a good time in the silent air they live in and own, I can’t but just love the moment of solitude were I am the only human creature for many miles around.

When being alone in nature, surrounded by birds and deer only and no other people, I can be a girl, feel as a one and enjoy it, without the fears of someone pointing at me and saying “No, you’re not”, based solely in my physical body and with complete disregard of my thoughts, feelings and desires.

Walking for hours in complete solitude in a place where there is no people, not only I have the chance to enjoy nudity safely, taking in the sun and the breeze in my skin, but also I can leave society behind and freely be who I feel inside I am, without being questioned or segregated because of not conforming to society standards and its ancient beliefs.