Snowy Day



I took this picture in 2007 at winter time, before starting to shave my body. Although it was very cold to be naked standing on snow, I felt I had to get a picture like this.

What happens is that in a situation like this (naked in a cold, snowy day), I can feel the fragility of a human being and the need for all our creature comfort we are so used to, to the point of giving them for granted, which in turn lead us to believe we are more than we really are.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I do believe humans are indeed very powerful creatures, capable of doing amazing things, but out of their brain capabilities. When it comes to physical strength, we are one of the most fragile creatures in this planet. Even rabbits can survive the elements better than us, without the help of any technology.

So standing there on the snow, barefoot, trying to hang in there with the cold air touching my skin in every single part of my body, feeling what must have been for a caveman at the beginning of the human race, I can sort of get in touch with my inner self and recognize that, together with the strength of my brain, I also have to consider the fragility of my body.

It sort of get me back to reality to acknowledge my real value as a person, independently of all the crap society records in people’s brains, mostly in a runaway desire for business and profit.