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I needed some good face pictures to use as main in my profile at Crossdressers.com, so took a couple of hours to try make up and then take many pictures to choose from.

So far my two biggest problems to look like a woman are my belly, which is too big to be attractive as a female; and my face, that have a too notorious beard and too big eyebrows. The belly is easier to fix with diet and exercise, but the face is another thing.

The eyebrows should be smaller, but is not just a matter of trimming them to a female size since I live as a man and it’ll be too complicated to show up at work or with family with depilated eyebrows; so I believe I can do something by trimming just a little bit every month, until after a year they will be close to the right size (for a female look), without anybody noticing what happened (I hope).

Also, I tried with and without eye liner and, even though with it the look can be better (once I learn how to apply it correctly), I believe I still can get a decent female look without it (which would be a lot less of a hassle).

Then the sagging eyes and the wrinkles I think would be OK since I am 51 years old and I’m looking for men in their sixties and seventies, so it should be fine for a “woman” my age, and they probably wouldn’t care much, as long as the general look is attractive (for a woman in her fifties)


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But the beard is the big problem!

For what I can see in the pictures I’ve taken so far, once the beard disappears the look improves, not completely but greatly; but the problem is how to make it disappear!

For now I’ve been using make up applying foundation, color in a cream and then a final color dust, and the results are good for…a couple of minutes! Then the beard tend to start showing up little by little under the make up, until after a couple of hours later it can be clearly seen; and throughout all that time the face looks like cracking skin rather than smooth. And cannot be touched or all the make up simply disappear, leaving me as “The Bearded Woman” LOL

I’ve tried in the past with fluids and creams that claim to reduce the beard, but only got an irritated skin and no beard reduction, so it seems the only way for now would be to keep trying different kinds of make up and different ways to apply it, until I find the best combination that would keep the beard hidden and a decent look, while allowing personal interactions (kissy, kissy) LOL


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So you see why I’m so afraid of close interaction with people when dressing as a woman…my face! And you can see in the third picture how everything can go terribly wrong with my feminine look. LOL



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